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Apps I Live By: FCancer Founder Yael Cohen

A creative cancer activist shares the apps that help her manage her household and get medical counsel on demand.
Yael Cohen
Free Agency

Yael Cohen never intended to start a charity, but in 2009 she created a T-shirt to support her mother who had been diagnosed with breast cancer earlier that year. The shirt read: “F*ck Cancer,” and though she knew it would turn heads, she didn’t expect the phrase to go viral and fuel the beginnings of a philanthropic movement. Now an official non-profit organization, FCancer speaks to people in their 20’s and 30’s with bold and cheeky awareness campaigns that encourage early cancer detection and education. By empowering younger generations to talk openly about cancer with their parents, Yael and her organization hope to end late stage cancer diagnosis.

Here, the 27-year-old CEO, shares the apps that help her save time, maintain her health, and get dinner on the table.

To Clean: Washio

Washio provides laundry and dry cleaning on demand. They pick it up, clean it and return it within 24 hours - and often with a cookie. No more forgetting to pick up the dry-cleaning or wasting time in line.

To Diagnose: Dr. on Demand

With a cost of $40 for a 15 minute Skype call with a doctor anytime, Dr. on Demand makes taking care of small medical needs a breeze. They even call in prescriptions to the closest pharmacy!

To Satisfy: Postmates

Postmates will provide you with any food you can imagine – delivered. Frozen yogurt craving? Need coffee and no time to run? Last minute dinner guests and no food in the house? They take care of it all. Easy and awesome. I’m a fan.

To Delegate: Task Rabbit

You post literally anything you need done from digital tasks, shopping, household help, deliveries, and organization then pre vetted “rabbits” bid to do the task for you. It’s amazing and such a time saver.

To Aid: StandWith

I’m biased (I’m the co-founder), but StandWith is a favorite of mine. This app streamlines and simplifies the experience of being a patient, caregiver or supporter. Having been a caregiver more times than I care to count, StandWith lets caregivers and patients easily update their community, and post targeted tasks that community members can accept. It allows the community to self-select so that people can yes to what they can do instead of no to what they can’t. We also leverage digital integration, so that if you can’t complete the task yourself, you can fulfill it with help from one of our online partners. We are still in our closed beta stage, but I am so excited for it to go public in the fall because it really will help so many people to better manage the toughest days of their lives.

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