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Apps I Live By: “Fitness” Magazine Editor Betty Wong

Betty Wong. Fitness Magazine

It’s no surprise that Fitness magazine editor-in-chief Betty Wong is an avid runner and a seasoned athlete given her professional field (she’s completed over a dozen half-marathons and three full ones). But even Wong will admit that working up a good sweat every day takes discipline, commitment, and sometimes a little discomfort. Since she took over in late 2008, Fitness has expanded its readership, won several of the industry’s top awards, and executed a successful redesign.

For Wong, exercise isn’t just about burning calories; it’s a powerful tool that can empower women to live healthier, happier, and fuller lives. Here, Wong shares the apps that help her plan a run, prioritize her to-do list, and give her peace of mind.

To Track: Find iPhone

My daughter started commuting on her own to middle school this year, and she sometimes forgets to call or text when she’s leaving and heading home. This maps the exact location of her phone—and therefore her. I feel like I am conducting surveillance on her whenever I turn the app on!

To Learn: Facebook

Because what else am I going to do while standing in line at the salad bar or riding the elevator up to my office? More than just cute kid and cat photos, Facebook keeps me informed. I have a pretty smart, diverse network of friends who often post fascinating, insightful articles that I might otherwise miss.

To Motivate: Misfit Shine

I use the wearable activity monitor to remind me to get up from my desk more often and walk around on days when I can’t fit in a run or gym workout. I set a goal of 15,000 steps a day and Shine tracks my movements whether I’m running, cycling, swimming or playing sports like tennis.

To Plan: The Weather Channel

When I’m training for a half-marathon, scheduling a long run in between my kids’ activities and household chores is tough enough without weather getting in the way. So knowing exactly when I can take advantage of a break in precipitation or what sweat-wicking layers to put on before I run helps me get it done.

To Organize: Remember the Milk

With this app, I can categorize my to-do list by priority, day of the week or type of task (work, home, personal). It even organizes errands by location, so if I’m downtown with some time to kill, I can pick up a birthday gift on next week’s to-do and knock it off the list.

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