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Apps I Live By: Good Housekeeping’s Jane Francisco

Image: Jane Francisco
Jane Francisco of Good Housekeeping. Good Housekeeping

For over 100 years, the Good Housekeeping Seal has been the gold standard for both businesses and consumers, and a cherished symbol of American culture. Jane Francisco has been the iconic brand’s editor-in-chief since late 2013, and has already implemented a complete re-design of the magazine that has helped women keep their families healthy and homes happy for decades.

But leading a national media company isn’t new to Francisco. Before taking over at Good Housekeeping, she was editor-in-chief of the popular Canadian magazine, Chatelaine, which she transformed into a multi-platform, multi-media women’s lifestyle outlet.

Under Francisco’s leadership, Good Housekeeping has continued its product testing at the Good Housekeeping Institute, and has partnered with Share Our Strength to launch a “No Kid Hungry” campaign to end childhood hunger, which will reach its 24 million monthly readers.

Here, the mom and Canadian national shares the apps that get her approval, which help her navigate traffic and save inspiring images and ideas.

To Navigate: Google Maps

Google Maps is so standard that I think we all take it for granted, but I use it every day. Many times. I use it to calculate my commute time to avoid the worst traffic. To figure out which subway train is coming next. To find the closest... Starbucks... Sephora... Toys “R” Us! And what makes it truly unbelievable is how it can virtually transport you around the world: I grew up in a suburb of Toronto, Canada. And last week I was able to capture pics of the homes of my childhood friends using Google Maps. It was like I walked into our old neighborhood and took the shots myself... from my office on the 28th floor of the Hearst Tower in NYC!

To Get a Lift: Uber

I can’t say enough about how Uber has transformed my life. I can lift myself out of any situation in Washington, Toronto, Chicago, NYC, in comfort and style. No more hailing the cab whose light is off (different signal in every city!). And my fave feature is that you get out at the end of your ride without having to find your wallet — you've already paid!

To Collect: Pinterest

While Pinterest is considered to be part of the social media landscape, for me it is quite personal. I use Pinterest to aggregate ideas for my own "everyday": what I’m going to wear today; ideas for my new kitchen; cute pics of animals for my son (who just turned 8)! The what-to-wear function is the most important on a daily basis. I “pin” pics of looks I like for future reference and then when I’m getting ready in the morning, I browse them to figure out how to put together my outfit for the day. I also love to collect inspiring images and ideas for every room in my house.

To Remember: Instagram

This is such a wonderful place to record the important moments of life. Given the number of pics we all take every day, I use Instagram as a way to edit and record the ones that matter most to me. I love being able to go back over the past weeks and months of my life in pictures.

To Subscribe: Netflix & Next Issue

I love both movies and magazines. These subscription-based apps play to my unquenchable interest. I love to be able to find so many entertaining, informing, heart-warming, and sometimes heart-wrenching, stories at my fingertips.

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