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Apps I Live By: HandUp Founder & CEO Rose Broome

HandUp founder & CEO Rose Broome shares the apps that help her remember special moments from the past and comprehend foreign languages abroad.
Image: Rose Broome
Rose BroomeHandUp

Rose Broome has always had a knack for problem-solving, a skill she once put to use as a data scientist and COO for a social gaming company geared towards self-improvement. But in the winter of 2012, after passing a homeless woman sleeping on a San Francisco street, Broome envisioned a solution of a different kind: a donation network to help the homeless. In 2013 she founded HandUp – a digital platform that enables the public to support homeless and at-risk men and women with donations that fund medical care, shelter, and other basic needs. Through the company’s website, at-risk or homeless members can create a profile, share personal stories, and appeal directly to contributors. All donations are coordinated through HandUp’s network of community partners and 100% of every donation goes to those in need.


Here, the Sunnyvale native, shares the apps that help her payback friends she owes for meals and document her to-do list.

To Reminisce: Timehop

Timehop is the digital journal that you wish you had time to make. It taps into your social media archive, then delights you each day with meaningful moments that took place on this date in years past.

To Translate: Wordlens

This is an amazing futuristic app that literally turns English words into another language, right before your eyes via your phone's camera. It's great for traveling abroad or just wowing your friends. You really have to see it to believe it.

To Transact: Venmo

This app makes payments social and fun. It's the best way to transfer money fast. I use it to pay my friends back for dinner and even used to pay rent with it.

To Keep Informed: Yahoo Digest

Yahoo Digest is almost like having a personal assistant there to curate the news for you. You can drill down and see relevant tweets, videos and Wikipedia pages, for more info. It's a great way for busy people to stay informed and it’s my faithful companion every morning on the BART.

To Remember: Captio

This super simple app functions as a notepad that seamlessly sends notes to your email inbox with just one click. For me, it's often the difference between remembering something someone told me to follow up on, and losing it forever.

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