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Apps I Live By: MSNBC Host Alex Wagner

Image: Alex Wagner, Anchor, MSNBC
Alex Wagner, Anchor, MSNBC Heidi Gutman / MSNBC

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Alex Wagner’s attraction to the Beltway circuit comes as no surprise. After stints as a top editor at music magazine The Fader, and then as a director of the international non-profit Not On Our Watch (reporting to George Clooney, no less), Wagner accepted an offer to work as a White House correspondent for Politics Daily, and then as a reporter for The Huffington Post. With a talent for translating political jargon into laymen terms, Wagner became a frequent guest on MSNBC in 2010 before landing her own show on the network, “NOW with Alex Wagner,” in 2011. Here, the Brown University alum, shares the apps that help her track the headlines and manage her commute.

To Hail: Uber

Uber has changed the world – and my NYC life! It’s easy, quick and – if you’re not caught in a snowstorm – pretty reasonable.

To Stay in Touch: Instagram

A year or two ago I called Instagram a “repository for brunch photos,” but I hereby rescind those comments! In the last few months, it’s become my favorite way to keep up with friends – and (happily) humiliate myself in front of them.

To Find the Latest Song: Spotify

As a former music magazine editor, I still pine for the days when I used to know about all the best jams and new bands. Spotify keeps me pretty up to date – and gives me every other song I might need to listen to at any given moment. Which is a lot of songs.

To Schedule: Amtrak

I’m on a train every other week, traveling between New York and DC, so this one’s a must-have. Beyond booking reservations, I (ahem) deal with a lot of delays riding the rails, so the app is really helpful if I want to figure out when my train will ACTUALLY arrive at the station.

To Keep Informed: New York Times

I read the New York Times every day… and I would do that even if I didn't need to do it for my job! Some of the best reporters in the country write for the times and it’s important for me to be able to read the paper wherever I am. Plus, the Push alerts are a great for breaking news – never too many, always relevant – and in this business, that’s huge.

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