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Apps I Live By: Re/code Editor Kara Swisher

Re/code editor Kara Swisher shares the apps that help keep her caffeinated and connected.
Image: Kara Swisher

When the internet went mainstream in the 1990s, Kara Swisher was one of the first journalists to report on the massive cultural and technological revolution underway. After stints at the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, she co-created her own digital hub for tech news with the website and, more recently, with the launch of the website Re/code (in partnership with NBCUniversal).

Swisher has made an indelible mark in today’s digital world, establishing herself as an influential force among the field’s top players. Here, she shares the apps that help her track her workouts, indulge in an old hobby, and satisfy her curiosity.


I am an unrepentant tweetaholic. I use the communications service all day long, to discover news, interesting tidbits and, of course, to flack the work of our tech and media news site, Re/code. I always find something interesting on Twitter that leads me somewhere else. I also get to follow some amazing people like @lenadunham.


I fell in love with this app the minute I started using it right when it was released. I used to do a lot of casual photography — back in the olden times when one used film — but it had fallen by the wayside over the years. The app and the fun filters allow me to express myself in an easy way that is always enjoyable. I also am very entertained by what other people — many of whom I do not know — post photos of, even if it is only their breakfast.


I love coffee and I love this easy-to-use payments and rewards app that make it simple to get in and out of the store. It’s one good example of the meshing of the physical and digital Internet. Also, I like the free downloads for “Pick of the Week,” as they are often really good — kind of like a prize in a Crackerjack box.

7 Minutes

A cool app that tracks 12 high intensity bodyweight exercises. Basically, 30 seconds per exercise, with a 10 second rest. There are a few like this, which came after the popular New York Times article about it, but this is the cleanest to me, allowing you to keep track of the session easily and moving you to the next one without fuss.

Secret & Whisper

What can I say? I like a good secret. These anonymous apps can be used for good or some not-so-good sentiments, but I find them both a fascinating insight into the human race. It’s also addictive.

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