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Apps I Live By: TaskRabbit CEO Leah Busque

Leah Busque TaskRabbit

Ever wish you could wave a magic wand to fix your leaky faucet or pick-up your dry cleaning? Leah Busque, founder and CEO of TaskRabbit, had a similar thought one snowy night about six years ago. Tired and out of dog food, she wished there was someone she could ask to pick it up for her. Days later, she couldn't shake the idea of creating a network that paired willing “Taskers” with those who needed help with their to-do list. Once called the “eBay for real-world labor,” TaskRabbit has successfully done for errands and household tasks what other companies, like Uber and Airbnb, have done for transportation and accommodation. Today, the company has nearly 30,000 “Taskers” with millions of annual customers. Here, the former IBM software engineer, shares the apps that help her check the weather, track her young daughter, and keep diapers in plenty of supply.

To Track: Sprout Baby+

I love this amazing app for tracking all things related to my daughter, Amelia. I first discovered it during my pregnancy. It makes things like staying on top of feedings, napping schedule, and supply inventory for things like diapers a breeze.

To Keep Tabs: Dropcam

While my daughter is my pride and joy, my other baby is of course, TaskRabbit, and that keeps me out of the house most of the day, Monday through Friday. Dropcam enables me to keep an eye on Amelia while I am in the office during the day. It’s nice to check in to see what she’s up to from time to time.

To Feed: Munchery

This is a new mommy must have. At the end of a long work day, I just want to relax with my family. Munchery enables me to feed my family a nutrition-packed, delicious meal, without forfeiting spending time with them holed up in the kitchen.

To Plan: Weather Puppy

Everyone knows I love dogs. Heck, TaskRabbit was founded because I ran out of dog food one night and needed someone to pick it up for me. Checking the weather is something we all have to do. But, presenting the weather every day with an adorable puppy? Sign me up.

To Get Stuff Done: TaskRabbit

This isn't a shameless plug; I couldn't imagine my life as a working mom without TaskRabbit. Being able to outsource everything from picking up diapers to cleaning out my garage enables me to spend more time with my family. TaskRabbit is my secret weapon for parenting.

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