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Apps I Live By: Watsi's Grace Garey

Head of marketing at Watsi, Grace Garey, shares the apps that help her locate new activities and events, and get around in San Francisco.
Grace Garey
Grace GareyLisa Wiseman

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to turn ideas into realities, but could a company apply a similar concept to international healthcare? Grace Garey and her team at Watsi are proving it can. A non-profit launched in 2011, Watsi collaborates with medical partners in low-income countries to identify patients who can’t afford crucial healthcare treatments. Through online donations, Watsi has helped fund, in most cases lifesaving, healthcare for nearly 3,000 patients in 20 countries. Garey, who studied global development and politics in college, is at the helm of the company’s marketing initiatives, using the web to connect people around the globe to one another.

Here, the former Kiva U advisor, shares the apps that help her split the check, discover new music, and reflect on her day.

To Do New Things: Sosh

Sosh solves the "what to do" problem. It (beautifully) aggregates and highlights events, activities, and places to check out in your area. They even surface limited time opportunities like festivals and alert you when a critical mass of your friends indicate an interest in something so you don't miss out (especially useful if you're so busy you often feel like you're living under a rock!).

To Split the Bill: Venmo

I'm always splitting bills with friends and family. It takes two minutes to hook Venmo up to your bank account, and once you do, you'll never have to put down multiple credit cards at dinner or withdraw cash to pay someone back again. All my friends are on it, and we're constantly sending each other money with little notes about what it's for. You can "cash out" any time and the money shows up in your bank account within one to two business days.

To Get Around: Lyft

Public transportation in San Francisco can be tough. Lyft is a ridesharing service that lets you summon a pink mustachioed car to take you wherever you're going. The drivers are awesome, friendly, regular people, often with amazing stories. I always come out of the car feeling like I've made a fun connection or experienced a new little slice of humanity.

To Discover: Spotify

Music is a huge part of my life. I can't fully enjoy any activity unless it has a soundtrack -- from running to working to cooking dinner. Spotify is the first app I open every day and the last one I close. It keeps all my tunes in one place and makes it easy for me to share new discoveries with friends.

To Reflect: Day One

I love to write. But it's hard for me to make time for it every day. Day One helps me write at least something every day by allowing me to keep a "micro-journal" of photos and moments. It pings me once a day if I haven't written yet and forces me to reflect on and record at least one thing from the day.

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