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Killing Star Mireille Enos Talks Integrity And Success

Actress Mireille Enos attends the "Wild Horses" screening presented by The Humane Society Of The United States at CAA on December 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Mike Windle / Getty Images

“The Killing” returns tonight, only this time on Netflix, the series’ new home. Jettisoned by AMC last year, the show has had its ups and downs. Cancelled not once but twice, the troubles began with a season one finale which polarized viewers by punting on the reveal of Rosie Larsen’s killer. But despite the outcry, the show continued through two more seasons; and now, in its fourth and final showing, it will stream on-demand, enabling its more impatient viewers to race through all six episodes at once.

Series star Mireille Enos, has had one of the more unusual career arcs in Hollywood. Her rise to prominence began when she was in her thirties, following more than a decade of work in television, film, and on the stage. A Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe nominee, Enos’ breakout role in “The Killing” led to a slew of film work, including her recent role in “World War Z,” alongside Brad Pitt. Later this month, Enos returns to the big screen with “If I Stay,” which co-stars Chloe Grace Moretz.

Here, Enos, who recently welcomed her second child with husband Alan Ruck, shares her thoughts on success, her definition of integrity, and reveals one aspect of her dark side.

What qualities does a remarkable man or woman possess?

I think they're the same qualities. A remarkable person is intelligent. They combine that intelligence with generosity and humility. They use their power to affect change for good even if on the smallest scale. They're patient. They're funny. They work hard.

What is success?

Being clear about the various aspects of your life that are important and keeping them in balance. Giving enough time and energy to each. Seeing growth in each. Going to bed tired because of the good work you've done. Expanding your mind. Making the people around you smile.

What is power?

Seeing a desired outcome and knowing the steps to take to achieve it.

Describe one aspect of your dark side.

Selfishness in the name of independence.

What does integrity mean to you?

Understanding your own moral code and not wavering from it. Not lying to yourself. Keeping the promises you make.

What is provocative in a man?

Humor. And not being afraid to get muddy.

What is provocative in a woman?

Intelligence. And collar bones.

What is empathy?

Walking a mile in another man's shoes. Cracking your heart open so you can know another person's experience. It is one of an actor's major tools. As a world, it is our only hope for peace.

What question stumps you?

If you were ever to ask me the name of a band, or a song or a film―or basically any reference from pop culture―I'm going to be stumped. Names! Baffling! My friends ask me, with love, if I live in a cave.

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