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PopExpert’s Ingrid Sanders’ Must-Have Apps

Ingrid Sanders. EMILY SLADE

In 2012, Ingrid Sanders walked away from her job as a Managing Director of Digital Strategy and embarked on a sabbatical devoted to traveling the world and learning new things. In the end, her love of learning trumped her love of travel, and Sanders launched PopExpert, a website connecting users with experts offering live one-to-one video sessions. Whether you’re looking to improve you’re singing voice, enhance your social media marketing skills, or manage your gluten intolerance, the experts that fill the PopExpert ranks have got you covered.

Here, Sanders, who is also a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher and certified Health Coach, shares the apps that help her meditate, manage her time, and reduce stress.


Captio allows you to enter text and send yourself an email in just one click without having to open your email app and type in an address. It may seem like a small time savings, but every little bit helps.


Shoto is a killer new photo app that lets you automatically share photos with friends that you capture when you are all at the same event together, on a trip, at a conference or just hanging out. It does this by automatically recognizing you are in the same location together with people you already know


I am a big fan of learning, and whenever I have some extra time but am not able to read like in the car or at the gym, I go to the TED app to find 20 minutes of inspiration in one of the thousands of talks they have archived from some of the best speakers in the world.

Insight Timer

Meditation is a cornerstone for me, so much so that we put a Zen Den in our office. Insight Timer is a very simple meditation timer that helps you track your sessions and feel a sense of community with other people meditating around the world.

Stress Doctor by Azumio

Sometimes in the middle of a busy day taking just a few minutes to focus on breathing can make all the difference in reducing stress. Stress Doctor monitors your heart rate to give you a bio feedback loop that helps you reduce the physiological response to stress in as little as five minutes.


Day one is a great journaling tool you can use directly on the iPhone with a nicely styled layout including space for text and photos, ability to tag posts and the functionality to export your journal to a PDF.


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