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Tell Me More: Julie Delpy

<p>Oscar nominee Julie Delpy shares her thoughts on empathy and the definition of power.</p>
Julie Delpy
Actress Julie Delpy attends the press conference for the film Before Midnight at the 63rd edition of the Berlinale, International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany, Monday, Feb. 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Gero Breloer)Gero Breloer / AP file

Julie Delpy has been in the world of entertainment all her life (both her parents were actors), and yet the actress, writer, and director has never shied away from discussing the industry’s shortcomings: the double-standards women face in the business and the patronizing, misogyny of one-note female characters. She has shown a fearless and whole-hearted commitment to exploring worlds and characters in all their messy imperfection.

With 2013's "Before Midnight," Delpy has received her second Academy Award nomination for screenwriting, a nomination she shares with director Richard Linklater and co-star Ethan Hawke. The movie continued the story of a relationship begun back in 1995 with “Before Sunrise." Over the course of three movies, Celine (played by Delpy) and Jessie (Hawke) have charmed, enthralled, and occasionally appalled audiences with their wit, romanticism, and breathtaking arguments.

Here, Delpy keeps things characteristically candid, as she addresses the meaning of success and describes what makes her feel loved.

What makes you feel loved?

By my son: kisses, by my lover: kisses+++, by my friends: long shared laughter, by my agents: jobs, by financiers: money.

What is empathy?

To feel what others are feeling.

What is power?


What is success?

Weirdly enough for me success needs to be more than one thing. Being good at my work but also being a good mom, a good friend, a good lover, a good cook. If you are very successful at one thing but you are a miserable f--, it doesn't really count.

What does integrity mean to you?

Everything, that's all I'm capable of, that's why it took me so long to get where I am.

What is a provocative in a man?

Being weak.

What is provocative in a woman?

Complete freedom.