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The Valley Girl Show’s Jesse Draper

Image: Jesse Draper
Jesse Draper on the set of "The Valley Girl Show" The Valley Girl Show

Like many a Silicon Valley success story, Jesse Draper’s began in a garage. In 2008, she launched her own online, technology-themed talk show called “The Valley Girl Show” in a studio she built in the garage of her parents’ home in Atherton, California. The daughter of a well-known technology investor, Draper wanted to create a provoking – and very pink – interview platform where even Silicon Valley A-Listers could come to share, play, and be silly. But it’s Draper’s on-camera ease, enthusiasm, and persona that has popularized “Valley Girl,” attracting some of the biggest names in business and technology, including Google’s Eric Schmidt and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.

Now, having taped over 200 “Valley Girl” interviews, Draper is focusing on highlighting more women in the technology space and bringing the show to national television (some Northern California stations began broadcasting it earlier this year). Here, the former Nickelodeon actress, shares some of the apps that help her balance her budget and discover new places to travel.

To Uncover: Peek

If you are ever in a new city, you must check out Peek. It is the best travel app! They actually go and find the best things to do, places to eat and new experiences in cities and offer them all through their app. Many vendors are still not online, and Peek finds the best ones and puts them on their site. It's a great place to plan a vacation. I regularly find myself perusing things to do.

To Save Time: TurboScan

My brother, Adam, was the first one to tell me about this app when he realized I had still been scrounging to use a scanner while traveling. I would be begging people at hotel desks or friends I was staying with for a scanner. This app scans documents better than most scanners by taking three pictures of whatever you are scanning. I have scanned numerous legal documents as well as simple forms. It has saved me hours of scanner searching and made work travel more efficient.

To Message: CyberDust

This is Mark Cuban's app. I love it. It is a very efficient messaging service that feels like you are talking to one another through text. Texts disappear in 30 seconds after you read them. Texts also disappear if you don't read them in 12 hours, so for work purposes it makes people respond promptly. You can also blast message your friends easily. It's unlike any other messaging app I have seen.

To Re-sell & Re-buy: Tradesy

This is the greatest app for selling your lightly worn clothes. You take a picture, pop it up online through their app, and sell away. I have sold numerous high-end items here and bought some as well.

To Balance: Learnvest

I am obsessed. I love this app because it helps my husband and I organize our finances in a simple and addictive way. I also love reading their blog because they have amazing stories on saving money that are tangible and give good takeaways.

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