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#TweetThePress: Inside the CRomnibus

Chuck tweets with NBC Capitol Hill Correspondent Luke Russert about the CROmnibus bill and what to expect in 2015 on Capitol Hill...

Image: US Capitol Dome at Dusk Encased in Scaffolding
The dome of the US Capitol is seen at dusk encased in scaffolding for repairs in Washington, DC USA, 07 December 2014. Construction workers recently completed the scaffolding for the two-year-long project and began work on the dome's 1,300 cracks. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO JIM LO SCALZO / EPA

So what did the fight over the CRomnibus teach us about 2015 in Congress?

How do Elizabeth Warren's attempts to lobby House Democrats compare to Republican Ted Cruz's?

How did Nancy Pelosi fare in this fight?

Check out the full #TweetThePress conversation with Chuck Todd and Luke Russert here...