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Learn More About ‘Oceanites’

When I first dreamed up the idea of going to Antarctica everyone I spoke to said, "You have to talk to Ron Naveen."

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Everyone who worked on the story is grateful we did. Ron and Dr. Heather Lynch were amazing guides in a part of the world where no one lives. It was eye opening to be able to go to such a remote place with someone who has, in effect, dedicated his life to helping make the world a better place and with a world-renowned scientist who brings just the right amount of intelligence and skepticism to everything she does.

Oceanites is the nonprofit organization Ron founded in 1987.

For the past 23 years, Oceanites has been gathering data on penguins and other wildlife in Antarctica, and sharing this data with governments and other institutions. Oceanites’ mission is to provide world leaders, and others involved with understanding climate change, with science-based information. Oceanites’ recently-released State of Antarctic Penguins report is the first step in a major international project to distinguish climate change from other factors causing Antarctic penguin population changes.

You can learn more about Oceanites on their website at

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