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Jury Finds Enrique Arochi Guilty of Kidnapping in 2014 Disappearance of Christina Morris

Christina Morris Morris Family

Two years after Texas woman Christina Morris vanished, a jury has found the man last seen with her guilty in her kidnapping.

Enrique Arochi, 26, showed little reaction as the verdict was read.

Surveillance video shows Arochi and Christina walking into a parking garage in the early hours of August 30, 2014 after spending a night out with friends at the Shops at Legacy in Plano, Texas.

Jurors deliberated for more than 17 hours to reach the verdict after a trial that lasted ten days. The sentencing phase will begin next Monday.

Arochi, who was charged with aggravated kidnapping in December of 2014, had adamantly denied having anything to do with Christina's disappearance and pleaded not guilty.

Enrique Arochi Plano Police Department

Arochi told police he walked into the parking garage with Christina that night, the two separated and he left alone.

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The morning after Christina's disappearance, Arochi was caught on security camera cleaning the trunk area of his car. Prosecutors called expert witnesses who testified that Christina's DNA was found in the trunk of Arochi's vehicle.

Cell phone experts also testified Arochi's and Christina's cell phones were pinging together in the minutes after Arochi's car left the garage.

Although Christina's body has never been found, authorities have said they believe she is dead.

The Morris family has continued to search for Christina in the two years since she disappeared. Almost every weekend, Christina's father has led a party of searchers as guided by the Plano Police Department.

Family members and friends had also frequently protested during visiting hours outside the jail where Arochi was being held before trial.

For more coverage of Enrique Arochi's trial, you can visit NBC affiliate NBCDFW's website.

Christina was featured in Dateline's 'Missing in America' series shortly after she vanished in September 2014.