Missing in America

Man Sentenced for Kidnapping and Holding Joelle Lockwood Captive for Two Months

Joelle Lockwood vanished on July 9, 2014.

The man who kidnapped Joelle Lockwood and held her captive in an Indiana mobile home for two months has been sentenced to a total of 93 years in prison.

Ricky House, 37, was found guilty in a range of charges in connection with Lockwood's July 2015 disappearance.

Ricky House, 37, was found guilty in September of 16 charges ranging from kidnapping to rape to criminal confinement in connection with Lockwood's July 2014 disappearance in Evansville, Indiana. Lockwood was featured in Dateline NBC's 'Missing in America' series in August 2014.

Police say House, along with Kendra Tooley, who is still awaiting trial in connection with the case, kidnapped Lockwood and kept her locked in a wooden cage, forcing her to perform sexual acts and threatening to kill her.

Two months after Lockwood was reported missing, authorities say Ron Higgs, Tooley's ex-husband, went to his ex-wife's mobile home after she asked him for some financial help. After arriving at the residence, Higgs said Tooley showed him the cage where she and House were keeping Lockwood. Higgs was then able to get Lockwood out of the home and to safety.

Both Higgs and Lockwood testified at House's trial.

If House gets credit for good behavior, he will serve 75% his sentence, or about 70 years, according to NBC affiliate 14 News.

Kendra Tooley has a scheduled pre-trial hearing on November 4th.


- Two Arrested in Connection with Joelle Lockwood's Disappearance