Minnesota woman desperate for answers in mother Wendy Lynn Khan's 2018 disappearance

Khan disappeared in Mankato, Minnesota on June 1, 2018. Her car was found abandoned with a flat tire in a CVS parking lot 6 days later.
Image: Wendy Lynn Khan, Aneisah Khan
Wendy Lynn Khan poses with her daughter, Aneisah Khan.Courtesy of Aneisah Khan

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By Julia Curley

The last time Aneisah Khan saw her mother, Wendy Lynn Khan, was on May 31, 2018. “We just ran some errands and she came to a doctor’s appointment with me,” Aneisah told Dateline. “And then I went back to her house -- the one that she lived in with her boyfriend.”

Aneisah said Wendy’s boyfriend, Mohammed Bilal Chughtai, came home to their house in Mankato, Minnesota while they were catching up.

“He came home and he asked me to leave, otherwise he was going to call the cops,” Aneisah said. “My mom and I were just literally sitting there talking.” The 21-year-old college student, who told Dateline she has had words with her mother’s boyfriend in the past, said she got up and left.

“I was just going to walk home because I lived a couple blocks away from her in my own apartment,” Aneisah told Dateline. “But then my mom came out and ended up giving me a ride. That was the last time I saw her.”

The two did have contact the next day, Friday, June 1, both over text and on the phone. Aneisah told Dateline she offered to pick her mom up so they could spend some time together, but Wendy told her daughter to hang out with her friends instead.

“She said, ‘No, you have plans, don’t worry about me.’ And I said, ‘No, it’s fine I can cancel my plans,’” Aneisah said. “She told me to have fun with my plans. And that was the last time I talked to her.”

“On Saturday I didn’t talk to her at all. She wasn’t answering her phone. I went over to her house and nothing was there, not her car, nothing. No one answered the door,” Aneisah said.

On Sunday, June 3, Aneisah and her father, Wendy’s ex-husband, went to the Mankato Police Department and filed a missing person’s report.

On June 7, six days after Aneisah last spoke to her mother, authorities located Wendy’s vehicle on Belle Avenue, behind a Mankato CVS. According to Mankato Public Safety Commander Jeremy Clifton the car had a flat tire.

Wendy Lynn Khan.Courtesy of Aneisah Khan

According to Commander Clifton, Wendy vanished with just her purse and her cell phone. Police have yet to locate either of those items. Aneisah told Dateline that her mother’s bank account was last accessed on May 30, 2018, and her phone has not been used since June 2.

Commander Clifton said that investigators searched Wendy’s boyfriend Mohammed’s car and the home he shared with Wendy in June of 2018, and found no evidence of foul play. Dateline was unable to reach Mohammed for his recollection of events of the days surrounding Wendy’s disappearance.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety has not named any persons of interest or suspects in Wendy’s case. “It’s an open and active investigation,” Commander Clifton said. “We’ve tracked down many leads and we’ll continue looking into any new leads as a missing persons case.” Beyond that, Commander Clifton was unable to comment “to protect the integrity of this ongoing investigation,” he told Dateline.

Wendy’s daughter Aneisah, who attends South Central Community College, took a semester off from school to recover from the shock of her mother’s disappearance. “My mom would never get up and leave without a trace without saying something to me,” she told Dateline. As the one-year anniversary nears, Aneisah hopes to remind the community of Wendy’s story.

And while she fears the worst for her mom, Aneisah holds onto the hope of seeing her again. “I love her and I want her to come back home. I want her to be OK.”

Wendy Khan is described as being 5’5” tall and weighing 160 lbs. with red hair and green eyes. If you have any information on the circumstances surrounding Wendy’s disappearance, please call the Mankato Public Safety Center at (507) 387-8600.