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Missing Illinois Woman Deborah Dewey’s Car Found, Few Other Clues to Her Whereabouts

Deborah Dewey Illinois State Police

It’s been two weeks since Deborah Dewey last spoke with her family and friends, and the discovery of her vehicle last week has only fueled their fears.

“It sucks. It’s frustrating, because you are optimistic in the search every day. But at night you don’t have much to go on,” Chris Dewey, Deborah’s son, told Dateline. “People just don’t’ vanish into thin air.”

Deborah Dewey was last heard from on August 22 when she texted a friend around 7:00 a.m. She had the day off, according to her son, and is seen in surveillance images running errands. When no one had heard from her, and she didn’t show up to work the next day, it was apparent something was wrong.

The 62-year-old always stuck to her routine, never really traveling far from the area surrounding Spring Valley, Illinois. That’s why when her 2007 grey Buick LaCrosse was discovered in the parking lot of a restaurant and truck stop nearly an hour way in Morris, Illinois, it was alarming.

Deborah’s purse and keys were reportedly left undisturbed in the unlocked vehicle, and there were no outward signs of damage, police said.

“Whenever she had to go anywhere far, I’d drive her or a friend would. She didn’t like driving on the interstate or at night,” Chris told Dateline.

It was actually a volunteer who was actively looking for Deborah who found her vehicle. Chris and dozens of family members, friends and perfect strangers have logged hundreds of hours in the search.

Efforts are now being focused near the area where the vehicle was discovered. Fliers are also being distributed at other truck stops nearby.

“It’s not because of lack of effort that we’re not finding her,” Chris said.

Multiple agencies are helping in the search for Deborah, including the Illinois State Police, the Bureau County Sheriff’s Office, the Ladd Police Department and the Kane County Sheriff’s Office. Little information is available to be released in the case, authorities said.

Officials have said foul play has not been ruled in or out.

In an effort to try and entice anyone with information to come forward, Chris and several others including his mother’s boss, are offering a $10,000 reward for information that brings Deborah home.

Chris and his mother are extremely close, and the search is taking its toll. Last year, his father passed away, so now it’s just him and his mom. He said he’ll do whatever he has to, to get her back safely.

“We aren’t giving up hope. Anyone with information, please call it in and bring her home.”

Deborah Dewey is described as 5’5” tall, weighing 150 lbs with short, grey hair and brown eyes. She wears glasses.

Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is urged to call the Illinois State Police at (800) 843-5763.