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Missing Navy Sailor Vincent Ferdin Returns Safely, Apologizes for Trouble He Caused

Vincent Ferdin was last seen on September 18, 2015. Finding Vincent Ferdin

A Navy sailor who had been missing for more than two months returned of his own accord yesterday and has said he left voluntarily.

Missing Petty Officer 3rd Class Vincent Angelo Ferdin, who vanished in September, had reportedly left his home in South Carolina for New York City. He told officials he had been working odd jobs for cash, according to Naval Criminal Investigative Service spokesperson Ed Buice.

Because Ferdin is part of the Navy, his disappearance, was a violation of his service.

"Basically, you can't just decide you don't want to be a sailor anymore and quit the Navy," Buice told Dateline in an email Thursday morning. "This time it was the fact that he just basically vanished for a few months; there was concern that perhaps he had been the victim of foul play. It will be up to his command to adjudicate the case."

Ferdin, 20, also posted a statement on his personal Facebook page apologizing for the worry and trouble he caused family and friends.

"To all those who have shown me an Incredible wealth of Love, Care, and Support, I am unspeakably humbled and grateful; I am in your debt. It is my sincere wish that you all be in good health and station and that you experience great joy and success in all the good that you do," the statement on Ferdin's page reads in part.

Ferdin was last seen the morning of September 18, 2015 leaving his girlfriend's home in Goose Creek, South Carolina on his bike. His family received a call several days later from an official at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit saying Vincent had not appeared for duty or training over the weekend. He had joined the Navy when he was 17, as soon as he graduated from Mantica, California's East Union High School, two years ago. He had reportedly been accepted to an elite two-year nuclear engineering program with the Navy, and was planning to apply to the United States Naval Academy.

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