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Nancy Bromet Not Heard From Since Calling Sister in Distress

Nancy was traveling across the country with her Boyfriend while he worked.
Recent photo of Nancy Bromet
Recent photo of Nancy Bromet

As families across the nation celebrated the holiday season, Laura Bromet waited eagerly for her sister Nancy to come home.

Nancy Bromet, 37, left her father’s Sunrise, Florida home on November 12. She was headed toward Bakersfield, California with her boyfriend, a long-haul truck driver. On November 17, Nancy called Laura, saying she was “distressed” and wanted to come home. Nobody has heard from her since.

“She has a pattern, and this is way off her pattern,” Laura Bromet told Dateline NBC. “Now, she’s missed the holidays. This is not right.” According to police, Bromet made it to El Centro, California with her boyfriend Julio Jesus Cruz. Allegedly, Cruz dropped Bromet at a nearby shopping mall while he completed deliveries.

But when Cruz returned to pick up Nancy, she was apparently gone without a trace.

“She was reported missing on the 22nd of November,” Detective Luis Hernandez of the El Centro Police Department told Dateline NBC. “We’ve talked to businesses in that area [of the shopping mall] where she was supposedly dropped off. We passed out fliers, and put her on our El Centro Police Department Facebook page. But she hasn’t been seen since.”

Laura Bromet remains skeptical that her sister made it as far as the west coast. Since Nancy did not take a cellphone with her on the trip, all of her communication was through Cruz’s phone. When Laura hadn’t talked to Nancy in several days, she began calling Julio and his trucking company, looking for an answer. That’s when Cruz reported Bromet missing. “It wasn’t until I asked to speak with her, that he said she was missing,” Laura told Dateline NBC. “He hadn’t reported her missing until then.”

Authorities have searched the area for any signs of Nancy, but as Detective Hernandez told Dateline NBC, “Right now, there is no indication that there was any foul play.”

Laura Bromet says her sister had previously struggled with drugs, and was doing better last winter. Then, a new drug called 'Flakka' hit the streets of Florida, and Bromet spiraled downward in the last few months. “Because she has struggled with addiction, it made this that much harder,” Laura told Dateline NBC. “It was like she was just another number. But she did not just vanish off the face of this earth.”

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Today, Laura Bromet is hopeful that someone somewhere can help bring her sister home. “I love her and I miss her,” Laura told Dateline NBC. “She is missing and I can’t do anything about it. I feel so helpless.”

If you have any information about this case, please call Detective Luis Hernandez of the El Centro Police Department at 760-337-4861.