Missing in America

North Carolina Man Esau Abraham Brenes Vanishes After Driving Friend and Two Strangers Home

Esau Abraham Bernes, 25, has been missing since October 3rd. Esau Abraham Bernes Facebook

More than two weeks ago, Esau Abraham Brenes vanished; his car, cellphone, personal belongings are all still missing.

“We need all the help we can get, really, though it’s like no one is paying attention sometimes,” Gus Salinas, Brenes’s step-father, told Dateline NBC. “His mother is destroyed, simply destroyed. We don’t leave her alone because she’s having that hard of a time.”

Brenes, coined “Abe” and “Abey” by close friends and family, was last seen driving his green Mini Cooper with North Carolina license plate ZRA-5881 in Siler, North Carolina on Saturday October 3. His step-father says Abe had attended a wedding that day, driven home and changed clothes, then headed out to spend a night with friends.

Brenes was last seen driving his green mini cooper vehicle. Find Esau Abraham Brenes Facebook

What happened next is where the details become hazy. Brenes, 25, slept at a friend’s and reportedly was driving home when he saw a high school friend walking with two men he did not know, according to his step-father. “Well, the good natured kid he is, he offered to give them a ride,” Salinas told Dateline.

In what order and where the men were dropped off is up for debate. “There is something really bad about this, real bad.”

No significant clues as to what became of Abe that day have surfaced. Lieutenant Underwood with the Siler City Police Department told Dateline NBC they are receiving several tips a day in connection with the case and have brought in several individuals for questioning, but there is not much more that can be released at this time. There have also been reported sightings of Abe's vehicle in surrounding counties, some as recently as this past weekend, but none have been verified.

"I really feel for the family because of the situation," Underwood told Dateline. "We're doing everything we can to bring Mr. Brenes home safely."

Abe was not a young man one would expect to simply disappear. He has been described as a hardworking twenty-something, who had no shortage of friends, both male and female, and liked to dress well. Salinas, who’s been with Abe’s mother for more than five years, says that, despite Abe’s popularity, they never expected to have this many people rallying to find him. “He has so many friends, just so many people who love him,” Salinas told Dateline. “What can I say, though, he’s a really nice, caring kid.”

Detectives say they do not have any reason to suspect foul play at this time, but say they are concerned because Brenes, to their knowledge, had no reason to disappear.

Esau “Abe” Brenes is described as 5’9”, weighing 170 lbs., with dark hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information that can help bring Abe home, please contact the Siler City Police Department at (919) 742-5626. You can also visit the ‘Find Esau Abraham Brenes’ Facebook page for more information.