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#Pride30: Physician Jack Turban Is Dedicated to Trans Kids’ Health

"As recent as 2002, positions from the Columbia Medical Center were publishing manuals on how to cure feminine boys of their femininity," Jack Turban said in an interview with NBC Out. "Some people still today think about being transgender as a disease, something to be cured.

For the past five years, the Harvard University and Yale School of Medicine graduate has been focusing on the health of transgender children.

Physician Jack Turban Photo courtesy of Jack Turban

"My medical school thesis was looking at how treatment paradigms for transgender kids have evolved over the past two years," the Pittsburgh native said. "I dedicated a bunch of time to creating a curriculum at the Yale School of Medicine. We created two lectures about being transgender, and we made them mandatory."

Turban said he's dedicated to making sure transgender kids get the care they deserve. "I'm a cisgender, gay white man," he said. "I recognize my privilege. We've made so much progress in LGB health, but the T was left behind."

Part of his mission is writing and publishing the stories of transgender children. He recalled a particular case of a young transgender girl who received puberty blockers from her doctors and attended a school where she was accepted: She scored straight A's.

"I just wanted the world to see that if you affirm these kids, and don’t try and change them, then they can really have beautiful lives," Turban said.

Physician Jack Turban Courtesy of Jack Turban

Fun Fact: "One of my closest mentors was a physician adviser to the television show 'House M.D.' ... She was the one who inspired me to write about transgender children’s stories to help people understand their experiences."

Pride Means: "Pride is an opportunity to remember that being gay or transgender is something not just to accept, but to be proud of. It’s an opportunity to remember that we have a vibrant beautiful community that has made the world a better place."

Jack Turban was nominated for NBC Out's #Pride30 list by Emmy Award-winning host, producer and author Andy Cohen, who praised Turban's efforts to "bring the stories of transgender youth to the general public" and "build empathy and support" for the trans community.

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