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By Tiq Milan

Social media has become a critical space for LGBTQ people to share their insight and connect with each other. Here are 11 out social media influencers to put on your radar.

1. Kat Blaque

Transgender YouTuber and blogger Kat Blaque has amassed a following of more than 100,000 subscribers with her popular weekly YouTube series, "True Tea." From cultural appropriation to interracial dating, she approaches questions from her curious subscribers with biting honesty. Blaque has also shared her personal stories of being a transwoman, dating and navigating friendships. She’s a published writer and animator who has created a successful lane for herself as an artist and queer internet sensation.

2. Joanne the Scammer

Joanne the Scammer is the larger-than-life character created by comedian Branden Miller. He shot to fame after media personality Blac Chyna posted Joanne’s hilarious debut to Instagram. Miller hasn’t disclosed his sexuality, and it doesn’t matter. The drag and campiness of his performance art are just enough to situate Joanne as a favorite among queer folks. She’s also somewhat of an anti-hero for the masses of people who feel disillusioned with the current political landscape and uncertainties of the future. With almost a million followers between Twitter and Instagram, her fan base anxiously awaits her next scam.

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3. Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford is a writer, commentator and public speaker. Ford identifies as agender, which is neither male nor female, and has become one of MTV’s rising social media stars. Ford was deemed one of Dazed magazine’s 100 visionary talents shaping youth culture and has been a source of inspiration for thousands of gender-nonconforming people all across the country.

4. Madison Hinton

Madison Hinton, also know as TS Madison, has been hilariously taking us along in her life with all the gritty detail for the last five years. She has curated a fanbase of millions on Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Twitter. An adult entertainment entrepreneur turned social media maverick, she uses her platforms to advocates for sex positivity, and keeps it real when others rather keep it respectable.

5. Robert Jones Jr.

Robert Jones Jr.
Robert Jones Jr.Facebook

Writer Robert Jones Jr’s Son of Baldwin social media presence has been a masterful cultural critique on race, gender and systemic violence. He challenges his online audience to push past the veil and ask the difficult questions. He shares valuable information on Facebook, and his Tumblr blog is bursting with moving stories and analysis about the world we live in and the many movements toward change. Son of Baldwin is a go-to blog for stirring essays and up-to-date news on police violence, homophobia and racism.

6. Monica Roberts

Monica Roberts, who is the individual behind TransGriot.
Monica Roberts, who is the individual behind TransGriot.Monica Roberts

Monica Roberts, the force behind TransGriot, is one of the most popular LGBT historians and advocates. Monica has been documenting and talking about the contributions of transgender people to the American cultural landscape for more 20 years. Her blog, TransGriot, is always up-to-date with news and information that affects transgender people every day. She is a respected elder in the trans community and has received numerous awards for her service and tireless dedication to meticulously documenting the transgender movement toward equality. TransGriot has been an invaluable resource.

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7. Bambii

Bambii is a 17-year-old transgender girl who has documented her journey on Instagram and Youtube. Through tears, she shared her two coming out stories -- the first as gay and the second as transgender -- all while navigating high school and bullying. Her skits are packed with silly humor teenagers love, and she’s quickly become a favorite internet personality for teens and adults alike.

8. DeRay McKesson

DeRay McKesson emerged as one of the prominent organizers of the Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson last year. He kept his 500,000 Twitter followers up-to-date with real-time tweets during the tense standoff between protesters and police that summer. He’s quickly become one of the most prominent civil rights leaders of the millennium. He most recently live streamed his arrest protesting the murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

9. Black. Queer. God.

Black. Queer. God. has a consistent presence in the Black Twitter community and uses his platform to introduce more intersectional approaches to racial justice. He's quick to engage with folks who separate LGBTQ people from Black people creating space for our intersecting identities to exist and be respected. He has a nuanced take on current social justice movements and advocates for the safety, acceptance and love of Black LGBTQ people tweet by tweet.

10. Kim Katrin Milan

Kim Katrin Milan, orThe Lady Milan as she’s known on Instagram, is a public speaker, writer and the wife of this listicle's author. She has a strong following of more than 100,000 on Instagram, Twitter and the several Tumblr pages she manages. Her testimonials of femme empowerment and introspection have inspired young women and femme-identified folks all over North America. A very vocal advocate for women’s rights, the queer-identified photographer and blogger speaks across North America about intersectional approaches to human rights and uplifting the collective self-esteem of women everywhere.

11. Jelly and Day

Married lesbian couple Jelly and Day have so much love to share they have two channels totaling more than 400,000 YouTube subscribers. The tenderness between these two is palpable, and they are such an inspiring example of a loving and healthy relationship. Angelica and DayLynn take their audience through their everyday married life, but they also tackle serious issues like eating disorders, self harm and suicide. The duo met in 2010 and took to YouTube to document their relationship.

Tiq Milan is a Black trans writer, critic and thinker. You can follow him on Twitter at @themrmilan and find out more about his work at TiqMilan.com.

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