Billboard of Trump, Cruz Kissing Goes Up in Cleveland Ahead of RNC

by Brooke Sopelsa /  / Updated 
A billboard in Cleveland sponsored by the nonprofit group Planting Peace.
A billboard in Cleveland sponsored by the nonprofit group Planting Peace.Ken Blaze / Planting Peace

Just days head of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, a giant billboard depicting presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump locking lips with former rival Ted Cruz has made its debut in the city.

The billboard is the work of Planting Peace, a nonprofit "founded for the purpose of spreading peace in a hurting world."

"What Donald, Ted and the Republican platform either fail to realize, or realize and just don’t seem to care about, is that their words and actions toward our LGBT family - especially LGBT children - have meaning and impact. LGBT children hear these messages telling them they are nothing but second class citizens and are left feeling somehow broken or 'less than,'" wrote Aaron Jackson, president of Planting Peace, in a blog post on the organization's website.

Planting Peace

Planting Peace is the same group that bought the house across the street from Westboro Baptist Church and painted it Pride flag colors in 2013. Just last month, the organization expanded its efforts and painted the house next door the colors of the trans flag.

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