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By Brooke Sopelsa

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community has so much to be proud of, and Pride Month gives us — and our allies — an opportunity to celebrate our successes and those of us who are making positive contributions to society.

This is why NBC Out has decided to launch its inaugural #Pride30 list. This year, we will use Pride Month as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate LGBTQ people who are making the community proud. Starting on June 1 and ending on June 30, we will highlight one LGBTQ changemaker, innovator or rising star each day — and we want YOU to help us choose our list of 30.

Who can nominate and be nominated?

Anyone who self-identifies as LGBTQ, is not a household name and is making a positive contribution to society is eligible to be a nominee. There is no age limit and no limit to what their positive contribution may be.

And anyone — regardless of whether or not they are part of the LGBTQ community — can nominate someone. To do so, simply email PRIDE30@nbcuni.com by April 23, and let us know:

  • Your name
  • Your nominee’s name
  • Why you think your nominee should be on our #Pride30 list
  • Your nominee’s contact information (if you have it)

How will the list be narrowed down to 30 people?

The majority of our #Pride30 list will come from public nominations, which will be open from April 4 to April 23. After the submission window closes, a committee comprised of NBC journalists and executives will go through the submissions and narrow down the list. The committee will consist of:

  • NBC Out Managing Editor Brooke Sopelsa
  • NBC News & MSNBC Senior Vice President Yvette Miley
  • Out@NBCUniversal Global Chair Jayzen Patria
  • NBC News Director of Multicultural Initiatives Ryan Williams
  • CNBC Senior Assignment Desk Manager Ryan Ruggiero
  • NBC Out Contributor Alamin Yohannes

A smaller group of our #Pride30 changemakers, innovators and rising stars will be directly nominated by LGBTQ celebrities and community leaders.

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