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'Transparent' Cast Releases PSA Supporting Transgender Students

The cast of the Emmy Award-winning series demonstrated their support for Gavin Grimm and other transgender students in a video released on Thursday.
Jefferey Tambor expresses his support for Gavin Grimm and other trans students in PSA released March 9, 2017.
Jefferey Tambor expresses his support for Gavin Grimm and other trans students in PSA released March 9, 2017.ACLU Videos

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a PSA on Thursday in partnership with the cast and crew of Emmy Award-winning series "Transparent," letting ACLU client Gavin Grimm and all other transgender students know that “they are not alone in the fight for dignity and equality.”

In the short video, series creator Jill Soloway and stars including Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffmann and Jay Duplass briefly explain Grimm’s battle with his local school board over his right to use school bathrooms matching his gender identity.

“The court’s decision in Gavin’s case will impact how the law treats young people all over the country,” transgender actress Alexandra Billings says in the video.

The Supreme Court had previously agreed to hear Grimm's case after a lower court ruled in favor of the high school senior, whose lawyers are arguing that Title XI protects his right to use the restroom corresponding to his gender identity. On Monday, however, the high court announced it will no longer be hearing the case, citing the Trump administration's policy reversal regarding trans students. The case, G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board, will not be sent back to a lower court.

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The PSA drives home the point that Grimm's battle is bigger than just one transgender student.

“This is not just about restrooms, this is not just about Gavin,” Tambor says toward the end of the video. A mosaic of faces then appears declaring in unison: “It’s about all of us."

The PSA urges support for Gavin Grimm and other trans students and ends with the hashtag #StandWithGavin.

“The cast and crew of 'Transparent' are deeply connected to the trans civil rights movement. While in the thick of Season 4 production, our entire team made it a priority to rally around Gavin and express solidarity with trans youth everywhere; it was incredibly inspiring," "Transparent" producer Zackary Drucker said in a statement emailed to NBC Out. Drucker, who is transgender, directed the PSA.

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