NBCBLK28: Jessica Byrd: The Unapologetically Intersectional Politico

Jessica Byrd, 28, Washington DC

Founder, Three Point Strategies

Jessica Byrd firmly believes that Black people have and will always be a dope and resilient force. It is part of the reason she is committed to merging racial justice with electoral politics via her company, Three Point Strategies, which trains diverse candidates to move into activism and political office. It’s a cause close to her heart now that the nation is soon to become majority minority.

“I have found one small way to contribute by working to get more Black women elected to office so that public policy meets the needs of our lives,” she told NBCBLK. “It is an honor to build power for Black people, even in small ways.”

A former Manager of State Strategies for Emily's List, Jessica got her first taste of organizing while a student at Pennsylvania’s Chatham College for Women. Someone, unhappy with her efforts to organize a discussion about the blackface party at Carnegie Mellon University, sent her a hate-filled, racist letter.

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“It was a defining moment in my life as an organizer,” she said, adding that after taking a year off, she worked on then-Senator Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. Of that experience, she says: “Dancing at Obama's inauguration was the sweetest aftermath.”


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