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On Assignment: Hands Off

On Assignment: Hands Off 9:44

Harry Smith explores the driverless car revolution with the godfather of the technology, Sebastian Thrun, and Brad Templeton, a Silicon Valley pioneer who has worked on self-driving cars at Google. Smith tracks the movement’s origins from a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) challenge to current efforts of researchers racing to a driverless future.

You can watch the full June 5 "On Assignment" online here.

Web Video from 'Hands Off'

Hands Off: What jobs could driverless cars eliminate? 0:35
Hands Off: Jay Leno on the Future of Cars 1:25
Hands Off: The Challenges of Engineering Driverless Cars 1:53
Hands Off: Are driverless cars safe? 1:58

Behind the Scenes Photos from 'Hands Off'

One of the views the 'On Assignment' team got to take in while shooting in San Francisco and on the Golden Gate Bridge. NBC News
Harry Smith prepares to shoot the opening sequence in the front seat of a driverless car. NBC News
Harry Smith interviews U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, who is tasked with creating guidance and setting standards for driverless cars on the roadways. NBC News
Jay Leno shows Harry Smith how one of his Teslas, which is equipped with sophisticated driver assistance technology, helps steer and stop itself. NBC News
Amanda Eaken of the National Resources Defense Council tells Harry Smith one possible consequence of driverless cars will be that more people would drive, possibly causing a 200% increase in energy consumption. NBC News
Jay Leno takes Harry Smith and the 'On Assignment' crew into one of his many garages to show off some of his vehicles. NBC News