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On Assignment: Heir B&B

On Assignment: Heir B&B 11:07

Cynthia McFadden gets a rare behind-the-scenes look at Althorp, the childhood home of Princess Diana. The Spencer family is opening the doors to the 500 year-old mansion that features a history of noble guests and a world-class art collection among 100,000 square feet in order to raise funds for Whole Child International, the charity started by Countess Karen Spencer, American wife of Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer.

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Behind the Scenes Photos from 'Heir B&B'

Charles Spencer (right) and his wife Karen (center) give Cynthia McFadden and the 'On Assignment' team an intimate tour of Althorp, the 500 year old home of the Spencer family. NBC News
Cynthia McFadden (left) and Karen Spencer (right) sit with two children who live in one of the orphanages Karen's charity, Whole Child International, has worked to improve. NBC News
The picture gallery in Althorp is a 500 year old room that houses some of the most valuable portraits owned by the Spencer family. NBC News
Cynthia McFadden talks with Karen Spencer, wife of Charles Spencer, outside an orphanage in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Nicaragua. Karen helps runs an organization that helps transform orphanages in the developing world. NBC News