On Assignment

ON ASSIGNMENT: Finally Phelps

On Assignment May 15th 11:00

Michael Phelps opens up to Matt Lauer in an exclusive, candid interview about his family, DUI, rehab stay and the road to Rio. Phelps, who recently became a father, talks to Lauer about the challenges in his home growing up after his parents divorced:“I was a kid that always wanted a family. You know, whether we’re, whether our parents are together or not, I still wanted a mom and dad. And I never had that for so long.” He said one of the biggest obstacles he has overcome was the feeling of being abandoned by his father.

Web Exclusive Videos from 'Finally Phelps'
Michael Phelps: Training for Rio 1:16
Finally Phelps: A father and soon-to-be husband 1:17
Finally Phelps: Matt and Michael 0:49
Behind the Scenes Photos from 'Finally Phelps'
Michael Phelps and Matt Lauer after their interview for 'On Assignment' and the TODAY Show. Matt first interviewed Phelps for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games where the decorated swimming won six gold medals. NBC News
Phelps during one of his workouts in preparation the Rio 2016 Olympics. He told Matt Lauer he hasn't been in better shape in decades. NBC News
Matt Lauer and Michael Phelps at Arizona State University, where Phelps is currently training for this summer's Rio Olympics. NBC News
Phelps' longtime coach Bob Bowman at Arizona State University where he is training Phelps for the upcoming Olympic Games. "I still push him hard, probably further than he wants to be pushed sometimes. But it's all about the swimming now," Bowman told Lauer about Phelp's training. NBC News