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On Assignment: Hacking Cancer

On Assignment: Hacking Cancer 11:40

After losing a close friend to cancer, Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker decided he needed to do something to help in the fight against the disease. So earlier this year, he launched the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. The Institute is focused on one of the most promising areas of treatment—Immunotherapy- which harnesses the body's own immune system to fight cancer cells. Initially funded by a $250 million donation from Parker himself, the project now includes more than 40 laboratories and over 300 researchers from six leading cancer centers.

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Keith Morrison sits down with several doctors from six of the leading cancer centers that are now part of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. NBC News
Sean Parker poses for a photo with Keith Morrison during the launch event for The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. Parker gave $250 million through his foundation to launch the project. NBC News
Keith Morrison talks with Sean Penn at the launch event for the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. "I challenge cancer to beat this guy," Penn said of Sean Parker.