On Assignment

On Assignment” June 17

Friday, June 17, 'On Assignment...'

You can watch the full June 17 "On Assignment" online here.

A Matter of Trust

Lester Holt embeds with a special community police unit in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country – Watts, South Los Angeles. In a nation still reeling from Ferguson and Baltimore, what he finds may be a way to resolve the distrust and hate between poor urban communities and the forces sworn to serve and protect them.

A Matter of Trust: Two Simple Words 1:08

Bitter Pill

Kate Snow reports on a drug industry insider, Steven Francesco, whose son died suddenly from a rare side effect of taking antipsychotics. Francesco’s grief and remorse launched him on a journey to find out more about the system he thought he knew and why it had failed his son.

Bitter Pill: Kate Snow's Perspective 0:37
Bitter Pill: A Growing Need 1:32

David Letterman

David Letterman told Tom Brokaw that after his retirement, “I couldn’t care less about late night television,” in the former late night host’s first in-depth TV interview since leaving his show. “I’m happy for the guys – the men and the women, there should be more women,” Letterman said of late night TV. “And I don’t know why they didn’t give my show to a woman. That would have been fine.”

David Letterman: Who's Interviewing Whom? 1:56