Seeking Main Street

#SeekingMainStreet: What Does Main Street Look Like to You?

The term “Main Street” may bring to mind images of a small town with locals gathered to watch a parade, a scene more reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting than what you think of in most urban cities today. We wondered if the modern vision of Main Street differs by age or by region, by class or ethnicity. How might it change in a city or a suburb or a country town? Is it even a real, physical place any more, or just another name for the home screen of our smart phones?

We asked, what does Main Street even mean to Americans now? As one Facebook commenter told us, Main Street is “still what it used to be - the heartbeat of a town, where the action is.” So we put out a call for you to show us where the action is in your community by sending us photos using the hashtag #SeekingMainStreet. Below are just some of the responses we got showing us what Main Street means to you.

Show us your vision of Main Street by sending us your pictures via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #SeekingMainStreet.