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6 Speed Reads: UPS Delivers $350K Drone to College Student

Image: A Puma Unmanned Aircraft

A Puma Unmanned Aircraft is launched off a NOAA ship. NOAA

1. College Kid Accidentally Gets $350K Government Drone in Mail

Mail mix-ups can be pretty annoying, but this takes it to another level. A college student placed an order for a workout bench. UPS delivered two packages to him. One was the bench. The other was a package full of parts to a $350,000 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration drone. The student, who remains anonymous, says both packages were addressed to him and even after calling UPS, representatives insisted the package was his. He posted pictures on Reddit. A NOAA spokesman said the drone was intended to arrive in Massachusetts with several other boxes before the mistake.

2. Monica Lewinsky Breaks Her Silence on Affair with Clinton

In the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky writes for the first time about her affair with President Clinton: “It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” It’s also time, she says, “to have a different ending to my story.” Lewinsky makes a point of saying that the affair was consensual, but adds the “‘abuse’ came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position.” Lewinsky hopes sharing her story “might be able to help others in their darkest moments of humiliation.” The full article goes online Thursday.

3. Hollywood Stars Boycott Hollywood Landmark Beverly Hills Hotel

Hollywood’s elite are boycotting of one of its favorite institutions, the Beverly Hills Hotel, in protest against its owner, the Dorchester Collection, which is backed by the government of Brunei. The Sultan of Brunei has recently begun to phase in new criminal penalties based on Sharia law which make failing to attend Friday prayers or pregnancy out–of-wedlock illegal. New laws will allow gay sex and adultery to be punishable by death by stoning next year. Ellen DeGeneres has said she won’t visit the hotel until the issue is resolved. At a protest Monday in front of the legendary hotel, Jay Leno remarked, “this is 2014, not 1814.”

4. Happiness After College Has Little to Do With School Ranking

The survey experts at Gallup have asked more than 30,000 college graduates about life during college and after college and have determined that happiness in life and at work after school has little to do with the prestige of your school. What mattered most? Quality of life at school: whether students felt they had the support they needed, whether they had inspiring professors, whether they could apply classroom teachings at an internship or actively engage in extracurricular activities. Take note, fall freshman class. This could be the key to post-collegiate success.

5. Whose Vocab Is Bigger: Shakespeare vs. Your Favorite Emcee

Rappers. They’re modern day poets. But in the greater realm of literary history, how does the vocabulary of Jay Z or Drake stack up with Shakespeare? Data scientist Matt Daniels anticipated your question and has an answer. He compared the first 35,000 words of Shakespeare and Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” to those of a host of rappers. Then he ranked them all by their use of unique words. The result: Aesop Rock beat out everyone with 7,392 unique words. Probably more surprising is how many members of the Wu-Tang Clan dominated the top portion of the chart. And because we know you’re wondering – rapper DMX is at the bottom of the scale. We’re guessing all his growls and barking didn't count as “unique words.”

6. Who Says Cats And Dogs Can’t Get Along?

Cats and dogs are notorious rivals, so when a pair of them get along, it’s usually incredibly cute. Meet Ralphee the kitten. Ralphee has a neurological condition that impairs the feline’s motor skills. But Ralphee has a guardian. Max the cattle dog looks after Ralphee religiously and the video of them playing together is definitely worth the click.