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Hard-partying wrecks your looks. So what's up with Charlie Sheen?

If you haven't seen this striking slideshow showing the toll of drug addiction -- you must. The sheriff's office in Multnomah County, Ore., collected mug shots showing before and after shots of drug-users' faces, and it's impossible to look away from the images. But we fear some of our readers are missing the point: Many are asking, "So how come Charlie Sheen still looks good?"

Sheen has had a rough week: an embarrassing outburst on a nationally syndicated radio show, CBS' decision to stop production of "Two and a Half Men." And he's been hospitalized three times in three months -- most recently, after a night of partying. He's been in rehab a number of times, most recently getting treatment at his own home. We don't know what, exactly, he's been treated for, but celebrity blogs are spreading rumors of addiction -- and that's all you readers can focus on, apparently. Your comments below:

Charlie Sheen has money and has lost all his natural teeth. But you would never know that because of the thousands of dollars and handlers he has working with and for him to make him look good. But he is imploding and its about time.

- starfox7000-1848290

(Editor's note: He's not too far off about the teeth, actually.)

Charlie sheen is only in his 40's. I think he looks 10 years older, and that's with all his money going to cosmetic surgery.

- oltorf

Charlie Sheen is a millionaire and doesn't live on or close to the street. Eats, drinks, lives well, goes where he wants when he wants. Gets the best physical care, also. $,$$$,$$$ doesn't make cents (sense)!

- alfred e newman

And a bit of advice from one commenter:

Charlie Sheen: Pay attention. This is what meth looks like on users after a very short time.


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