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Three days after birth, newborn has teeth. What?!

When Baby Nesa Lopez was just three days old, her mom noticed something peculiar about her newborn: She had two lower front teeth.

"One of my friends told me that she thought I had glued teeth in her mouth at first," mom Sandra Vosburg, 20, told Tampa Bay Online. Vosburg and her baby daughter, who was born Oct. 4, live in Plant City, Fla. "Nobody believed me until I showed it to them, and I'm like, 'Wow, that is weird.'"

Actually, experts say, it isn't that unusual.

"Every pediatric dentist sees it," McTigue told the Tampa news site. He says it happens in one in 4,500 newborns. When it happens, it's normally the two lower front baby teeth, just like Nesa's two chompers, which are called neonatal teeth. Teeth can even be present at birth -- that's called natal teeth.

If you've ever known a newborn with teeth, we'd love to hear your story. Do tell.