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Your butt is standing between you and a perfect tan

Attaining an even, all-over tan is a futile effort, no matter how much you sunbathe buck naked. The reason? Your booty. Turns out, your hindquarters just don't tan as well as the rest of you. Instead, your derriere is more likely to simply turn red - probably not the look you were going for. LiveScience reported on the new research conducted by scientists from the University of Edinburgh who were trying to learn why different skin cancers tend to be found in different parts of the body. Researchers exposed the back and the behinds of 100 volunteers to UVB rays, the type that cause sunburns. The findings? Some parts of your body respond differently to the sun, hence the red hiney. But regardless, you probably shouldn't be soaking up the rays anyhow, either under the sun or in a tanning booth. The rate of skin cancer is on the rise, including melanoma, the deadliest form. Last year, international cancer experts called tanning beds as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas. If that's not enough to instead send you to the self-tanning lotion, do it to avoid having a baboon bum. What's your weirdest or worst sunburn? Tell us about it in the comments or, better yet, send us a photo. We'll publish some of the best pictures. To read more Body Odd posts, click here. You can also find us on Twitter and on Facebook.