Study Confirms 10 Million Got Obamacare Coverage

Surveys of more than 400,000 Americans confirm earlier reports that suggested more than 10 million people who were not insured before got health insurance under Obamacare, researchers said Wednesday. “The pattern of coverage gains was consistent with the effects of the Affordable Care Act, with major gains for persons likely to be eligible for expanded Medicaid,” they wrote in their report, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The group led by health economist Dr. Benjamin Sommers of the Harvard School of Public Health, who’s also an adviser to the Health and Human Services Department, used a Gallup-Healthways poll and extra analysis to try and figure out how many people gained health insurance on the new, Internet-based exchanges or through the expansion of Medicaid in 26 states and Washington. D.C. “We found a significant decline in the uninsured rate among nonelderly adults that coincided with the initial open-enrollment period under the ACA,” they wrote.


-- Maggie Fox