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44-pound stray cat no longer homeless

/ Source: The Associated Press

Fat, happy and no longer homeless.

That describes life for the 44-pound New Jersey cat who became an overnight sensation.

The porky feline was found in late July waddling around without a collar in Voorhees, and was taken to the Camden County Animal Shelter. A vet has found “Prince Chunk” healthy aside from his weight. The big cat doesn’t have a thyroid condition, after all.

The vet also has prescribed a high-protein, low-carb diet for the tubby tabby, who is within three pounds of the heaviest on record.

The largest tabby on record weighed 46 pounds, 15 ounces. That cat, who lived in Australia, died in the 1980s. The Guinness World Records has since dropped the category, fearing cat owners might harm their animals in an attempt to break the record.

Some 400 people applied to adopt the 10-year-old cat who once was called “Powder.” His owner lost her home to foreclosure.

New York’s Daily News reports the Camden County Animal Shelter has selected a south Jersey family who already has two cats.

“Prince Chunk” is to move next week.