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All 50 states report coronavirus cases, U.S. death toll crosses 100

Here are the latest updates from around the world.
Image: A worker wearing a mask watches a road in New York on March 17, 2020.
A worker wearing a mask watches a road in New York on Tuesday. Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

The United States and European nations are stepping up measures to tackle the spread of coronavirus and counteract its economic impact, as the numbers of deaths and infections continue to grow.

The U.S. death toll surpassed 100 on Tuesday as all 50 states have now reported cases, and the E.U. announced sweeping restrictions on most travel within the 27-country bloc.

The White House announced Tuesday that it is looking to send checks directly to Americans in order to soften the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.

The announcement comes as many parts of the U.S. have taken extraordinary measures to health the spread of the coronavirus. California officials announced a complete lockdown of the Bay Area, including San Francisco, that requires people to stay home except for essential needs.

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1106d ago / 8:34 PM UTC

Navajo Nation confirms first case of coronavirus

1106d ago / 8:30 PM UTC

E.U. announces sweeping 30-day ban on most nonessential incoming travel

1106d ago / 8:20 PM UTC

Brooklyn Nets say 4 players tested positive for coronavirus

1106d ago / 8:18 PM UTC

U.S. hospital association warns of ventilator shortage

1106d ago / 8:11 PM UTC
1106d ago / 8:08 PM UTC

Dow closes with gain of 1,000 points on news of $1 trillion stimulus package

1106d ago / 8:08 PM UTC

New Jersey coronavirus patient gives hospital fake name, address — and then leaves

1106d ago / 8:05 PM UTC

Las Vegas Sands Casinos close 'out of an abundance of caution'

1106d ago / 7:53 PM UTC
1106d ago / 7:42 PM UTC

McConnell tells Republicans to 'gag and vote' for House stimulus bill


1106d ago / 7:21 PM UTC

Not just older people: Younger adults are also getting the coronavirus

1106d ago / 7:19 PM UTC

Macy’s to temporarily close all stores

1106d ago / 7:18 PM UTC

Effects of social distancing won't be seen for at least one week

1106d ago / 7:14 PM UTC

CEO of internet infrastructure company says no worries about increased traffic

1106d ago / 7:11 PM UTC

Can the federal government order a national quarantine?

1106d ago / 7:05 PM UTC

The scene in New York

1106d ago / 6:54 PM UTC

NYC mayor says 'shelter in place' decision coming in next 48 hours

1106d ago / 6:51 PM UTC

Gun sales soar as coronavirus fears trigger personal safety concerns

1106d ago / 6:51 PM UTC

In need of comfort in Italy

1106d ago / 6:50 PM UTC

With sports seasons on ice, Vegas sports book starts taking bets on weather

1106d ago / 6:31 PM UTC
1106d ago / 6:18 PM UTC

Washington Post, WSJ editors condemn China for expelling reporters


1106d ago / 6:05 PM UTC

Cases surpass 5,000 in U.S.

1106d ago / 5:58 PM UTC

The Rolling Stones postpone North American tour

1106d ago / 5:56 PM UTC

National Parks to close facilities where people gather

1106d ago / 5:22 PM UTC

Afternoon roundup of coronavirus coverage

1106d ago / 5:12 PM UTC

Marriott starting to furlough tens of thousands of employees

1106d ago / 5:12 PM UTC

Americans abroad scramble to get home as countries deepen travel restrictions

, and

1106d ago / 5:11 PM UTC

Uber and Lyft suspend shared ride options

1106d ago / 5:07 PM UTC

World needs many more ventilators to save coronavirus patients. It is unlikely to get them.

1106d ago / 5:05 PM UTC

Obama pays tribute to health professionals

1106d ago / 4:40 PM UTC

New York state study predicted severe shortfall of ventilators in a pandemic

1106d ago / 4:37 PM UTC

Primary states voting Tuesday take steps to limit coronavirus risks

1106d ago / 4:35 PM UTC

Facebook giving $1,000 bonuses to employees

1106d ago / 4:24 PM UTC

Granddaughter shows grandfather through window of isolated care home that she’s engaged

1106d ago / 4:02 PM UTC

Dow surges after Mnuchin says the government will be "sending checks to Americans immediately"

1106d ago / 3:33 PM UTC

Maryland postpones primary election slated for April to June

1106d ago / 3:10 PM UTC

White House eyeing $850B coronavirus stimulus package

, and

1106d ago / 2:59 PM UTC

Olympic Committee: Too early to make 'drastic decisions' about Tokyo

1106d ago / 2:56 PM UTC

Queen to meet with prime minister, then head to Windsor Castle


1106d ago / 2:55 PM UTC

Updated map from the NBC News Graphics team

1106d ago / 2:45 PM UTC

New York gov: 'I have no interest' in quarantining a city

1106d ago / 2:34 PM UTC

The scene in New York

1106d ago / 2:18 PM UTC

Amazon limits warehouse service to household staples and medical supplies

1106d ago / 2:16 PM UTC

Spain turns back cars at land borders as death toll rises to 491

1106d ago / 2:07 PM UTC

Australian supermarkets open early to allow elderly to shop and buy supplies

1106d ago / 2:01 PM UTC

1106d ago / 1:50 PM UTC

Euro 2020 championship postponed over coronavirus, Sweden and Norway's soccer authorities say

1106d ago / 1:48 PM UTC

Senate Democrats have prepped third coronavirus aid package

, and

1106d ago / 1:44 PM UTC

Dierks Bentley donates $90K to employees after closing Nashville bar

1106d ago / 1:43 PM UTC

First Read: Dem race could be frozen in place after Tuesday's primaries

, and

1106d ago / 1:40 PM UTC

1106d ago / 1:38 PM UTC

Kentucky Derby to be postponed until September

1106d ago / 1:37 PM UTC

Dow bounces back nervously as coronavirus continues to slam markets

1106d ago / 1:30 PM UTC

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel was tested for coronavirus, no results yet


1106d ago / 1:22 PM UTC

U.K. advises against all non-essential international travel for 30 days

1106d ago / 12:37 PM UTC

Contestants on Germany's 'Big Brother' to be told about coronavirus pandemic

1106d ago / 12:31 PM UTC

Trump's outgoing acting chief of staff Mulvaney under voluntary self-isolation


1106d ago / 12:10 PM UTC

Al Roker does the weather forecast — from home

1106d ago / 12:04 PM UTC

Sydney Opera House cancels performances over coronavirus

1106d ago / 11:56 AM UTC

1106d ago / 11:48 AM UTC

Iran sees 135 coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours

1106d ago / 11:44 AM UTC

India closes iconic Taj Mahal to curb spread of coronavirus

1106d ago / 11:16 AM UTC

AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas to close

1106d ago / 11:16 AM UTC

British researchers warn social restrictions may have to remain for 18 months until vaccine is found

1106d ago / 11:12 AM UTC

WH press secretary not at work after being exposed to coronavirus


1106d ago / 11:10 AM UTC

Barr issues memo to U.S. attorneys outlining DOJ priorities amid the outbreak


1106d ago / 11:09 AM UTC

Distilleries using high-proof alcohol to make hand sanitizer

1106d ago / 11:04 AM UTC

Cuomo orders that all New York state schools close for 2 weeks

1106d ago / 10:51 AM UTC

1106d ago / 10:35 AM UTC

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma performs tribute to frontline healthcare workers

1106d ago / 10:31 AM UTC

Olympic torch relay to go ahead in Japan as planned

1106d ago / 9:54 AM UTC

1106d ago / 9:51 AM UTC

China reacts to Trump’s tweet referring to coronavirus as ‘Chinese virus’


1106d ago / 9:46 AM UTC

1106d ago / 9:41 AM UTC

All but one new confirmed cases in China are imported: health officials


1106d ago / 9:12 AM UTC

Israel's security forces to track coronavirus patients and people in self-isolation

1106d ago / 8:50 AM UTC

Qatar stops prayer in mosques indefinitely

1106d ago / 8:16 AM UTC

1107d ago / 6:42 AM UTC

San Francisco police ready to enforce health orders

1107d ago / 6:12 AM UTC

Beverly Hills’ iconic Rodeo Drive closed to shoppers

1107d ago / 5:44 AM UTC

Nordstrom to temporarily close all stores

1107d ago / 5:09 AM UTC

Companies offer help with missed payments, disconnections

1107d ago / 4:59 AM UTC

New York Times staffer tests positive

1107d ago / 4:57 AM UTC

Asian shares bounce after Wall Street dive

1107d ago / 4:36 AM UTC

Miami mayor with coronavirus shares video diary to reduce fear

1107d ago / 4:14 AM UTC

California governor halts evictions and foreclosures

1107d ago / 4:10 AM UTC

Los Angeles sheriff releasing inmates, urging fewer arrests