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Cats and dogs OK'd to cohabitate in Utah town

/ Source: The Associated Press

Residents in Provo, Utah, can now officially own both cats AND dogs.

City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to replace the word “or” with the word “and” in existing city code, which means residents can now own up to two cats — and — two dogs at the same time.

The problem was discovered when Susan Sewell and her family went to the Utah County Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork to adopt a kitten in August. The family already has a cat and a dog.

They chose a kitten and began filling out the adoption paperwork. But when shelter staff learned of their existing pets, the family was told they couldn’t have the new animal because Provo only allowed residents to have cats or dogs, not cats and dogs.

“I don’t think people will abuse the law just because it gets changed,” Sewell told the council.

She said the family will be returning to the shelter after Christmas to try again to adopt a kitten. “The kids will be begging us tonight, I’m sure,” she said after the council meeting.