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Disfigured Canadian boy has 2nd facial surgery

/ Source: The Associated Press

A 2-year-old Canadian boy who was born with a rare lymphatic disorder underwent a second operation Monday to repair his severely disfigured face, doctors said.

"He looks very, very good right now," said Dr. Milton Waner, who performed the four-hour surgery at St. Luke's-Rooosevelt Hospital in New York. "I don't think his parents recognized him."

The boy, Maddox Flynn, of Edmonton, suffers from lymphatic cystic hygroma, which caused severe swelling around his left eye and on the lower part of his face.

Waner operated on Maddox in May to repair the swelling around his eye. He performed the second procedure Monday to repair the lower portion of the boy's face.

Waner said the swelling was so bad that before surgery Maddox couldn't open his left eye. He said Maddox still has very little vision in that eye but his right eye is normal.

During the second operation, Waner removed the lymphatic malformation and reconstructed Maddox's face. A small third procedure may be necessary to balance his face.

Waner said that when Maddox's parents saw the toddler Monday, "there were tears of joy."

"They can see the light at the end of the tunnel," the doctor said.

Maddox is expected to be discharged in a day or two. Without the surgery his condition would have gotten worse.

Maddox's parents, Nicole Champagne and Mike Flynn, brought him to New York because they said Waner was the most qualified surgeon in the world to perform the operations the boy needed.

The treatments were made possible by an outpouring of donations from across Canada totaling around $175,000.