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Drugs recalled due to manufacturing problems

/ Source: The Associated Press

KV Pharmaceutical Co. is recalling dozens of drugs because of potential problems with manufacturing conditions, the company said Monday.

Products named in the recall include generic versions of the antidepressant Toprol XL, hypertension drugs Norvasc and Cardura, a variety of painkillers including OxyContin, and cough and cold treatments. Most of the drugs were made by KV’s generic subsidiary, Ethex.

KV said the products were made under conditions that did not comply with standard manufacturing practices.

KV’s Ther-Rx division also recalled six production lots of its potassium supplement microK extencaps, and one lot each of its vaginal creams Gynazole and Clindesse.

A full list of the recalled Ethex products can be seen at

Drugs included in the Ther-Rx recall are listed at

The recall was KV’s third since November. The company disclosed the recall Monday without naming the products affected. It said it was suspending all manufacturing and shipping of its products.

Most of the drugs were recalled from the wholesale level, but some were recalled from retail pharmacies.