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Egyptian twins in good condition

/ Source: The Associated Press

Formerly conjoined twin Ahmed Ibrahim has been upgraded to good condition, joining his brother Mohamed Ibrahim at that level, according to a hospital statement.

The 2-year old Egyptian boys, who were joined at the top of their heads, were separated a month ago in 34 hours of surgery.

“They have been visiting each other daily,” Dr. James Thomas, chief of critical care services at Children’s Medical Center, said in statement released Tuesday.

“Mohamed’s back and neck muscles are getting stronger, and he has taught himself to say ’Uh-oh’ with that sing-song voice toddlers use to announce an accident,” Thomas said. “When adults laugh and imitate him, he breaks out in giggles.”

Ahmed appears much more comfortable after his shunt surgery Nov. 5, according to the statement. His condition had been downgraded to guarded after placement of the shunt to drain spinal fluid from his lower back.

Ahmed is making progress in his neurologic recovery but is improving more slowly than his brother, the statement said.

Both are being fitted for protective headgear this week. Neither shows signs of infection or other problems, the hospital said.