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Is Fluffy fretting? New product claims to know

/ Source: The Associated Press

There’s a lot of talk about stressed out humans, and now a company in Japan reportedly claims it has a product that can tell if Tabby or Fido are wound a little too tightly.

The Nikkei (nee-kay) Weekly reports the firm, Medical Life Care Giken, has developed a paw patch that it says detects excessive sweat secretion, which is believed to be a sign of stress.

The round, pin-sized patch is applied to the center pad of the animal’s paw and changes color depending on how sweaty the pet is.

The newspaper says the company expects strong sales amid a pet boom in Japan.

Doting Japanese pet owners are known to go to great lengths for their pets’ well-being, taking cats and dogs to specialist masseurs and even acupuncturists.