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Grandmother stuck in bathtub for five days

/ Source: The Associated Press

A 75-year-old woman who lay trapped in her bathtub for five days toasted her rescue with a Coke and a cigarette.

Jane Fromal suffered slight dehydration even though she said she ran tap water to drink during the ordeal. She was released Sunday after being hospitalized for four days at Riverside Regional Medical Center.

Fromal said she drew a bath April 9 to nurse a sore tailbone, then was unable to climb out.

“I thought I’d get in the tub and soak,” she said. “I didn’t know I was going to soak for five days.”

She finally got help Wednesday when a neighbor’s grandson noticed newspapers piling up in her driveway and insisted his grandmother call Fromal’s family. Relatives found Fromal in the bathroom.

After she was lifted to safety and donned a warm robe, Fromal didn’t ask for food. She wanted one of her Parliament 100s and a Coke.

It wasn’t the first time Fromal has been stuck in the bathtub, but her family plans to make sure it never happens again by adding railings and a tub chair to the bathroom.