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Jackie’s will

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In her short life, Jackie saw her family consumed by AIDS. Her mother, father and little brother all died of the disease before it finally killed Jackie, in May, 1998. What follows is her will.

I want you to make a memory book about me.

I want my cousin Mercedes and my cousin Eliza to have my clothes.

I want my grandma to keep my jewelry.

I want my sister Anna to have my bedroom set.

I want to be buried and a closed casket.

I want to be buried next to my mom and brother.

My toys should go to my little cousin.

My grandma should keep my artwork.

My grandpa should get my Big Bird.

My sister should keep my music.

Don’t bury me in a big flower dress but in Fila clothes.

I want all my aunts and uncles to keep my porcelain dolls (except the one that my grandma, grandpa and sister want). My aunts and uncles should keep all the decorations in my room.

My furniture should go in the trash. My computer to go with my sister.

But what I want most of all is for my Grandma to take care of herself, my Grandpa to not go in the car and just drive off if I die, and for him to be nice, not mean and take care of Grandma. Otherwise, he will go to hell. He should also look at the Bible.

My sister, Anna, should not kill herself. I want her to live, have a good life, and name her first daughter after me. I don’t care if she uses the name Jacqueline or not though.

But most of all, I hope I still live a long time and that my Grandma and Grandpa die before me. But if I don’t, please read these instructions and know that I’m an angel watching over you all. I will hug you and kiss you in your dreams. I promise. Thank you for being such a good family to me.

Jacqueline Valenzeula