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U.S. death toll climbs to 14

Here's the latest on the coronavirus outbreak.
Image: The Grand Princess cruise ship passes the Golden Gate Bridge as it arrives from Hawaii in San Francisco
The Grand Princess cruise ship passes the Golden Gate Bridge as it arrives from Hawaii in San Francisco on Feb. 11.Scott Strazzante / AP file

The coronavirus grew more deadly in the U.S., with the death toll climbing to 14 on Friday. More than 225 cases have been confirmed across the country.

Congressional leaders have agreed on an $8 billion emergency funding package that is headed to the House.

Lawmakers across the country are cracking down on scam coronavirus claims and excessive pricing of consumer medical supplies.

But investors are reacting to fears that the spread of coronavirus will disrupt the global economy, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 950 points at the closing bell.

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1121d ago / 2:54 PM UTC

Apple rejects coronavirus apps that aren't from health organizations

1121d ago / 2:54 PM UTC

Precautionary measures in Bangkok

1121d ago / 2:30 PM UTC

Despite robust jobs report, Dow falls 700 points as traders stay laser-focused on coronavirus

1121d ago / 2:25 PM UTC

Global coronavirus cases reach 100,000

1121d ago / 2:11 PM UTC

Trump signs $8.3B emergency bill to fight coronavirus

1121d ago / 2:09 PM UTC

Two private schools in Manhattan closed Friday

1121d ago / 1:41 PM UTC

In China, coronavirus rumors — and misinformation — swirl unchecked

, and

1121d ago / 1:24 PM UTC

NYPD investigating Asian subway rider being sprayed with Febreze

1121d ago / 1:01 PM UTC

Collision, one of the biggest conferences in tech, calls off in-person event

1121d ago / 12:58 PM UTC

Twelve cases on Nile cruise ship showed no symptoms

1121d ago / 12:49 PM UTC

1121d ago / 12:30 PM UTC
1121d ago / 12:27 PM UTC

Trump cancels visit to CDC in Atlanta

1121d ago / 12:21 PM UTC

Oil prices slide 4 percent as coronavirus spread continues

1121d ago / 12:05 PM UTC

U.S. death toll rises to 14 — all but one fatality in Washington State

1121d ago / 11:36 AM UTC

Two Microsoft employees diagnosed in Washington state


1121d ago / 10:50 AM UTC

First reported case in Vatican City

1121d ago / 10:23 AM UTC

South Korea protests Japan's quarantine plan

1121d ago / 10:16 AM UTC

1121d ago / 10:05 AM UTC

Cases in China slow as global infections approach 100,000


1121d ago / 8:53 AM UTC

Coronavirus shop pops up in nation's capital

1121d ago / 8:04 AM UTC

Second presumptive case in Nevada is linked to Grand Princess

1121d ago / 7:52 AM UTC

Rabbi who taught at New York university tests positive

1121d ago / 7:31 AM UTC

Test results expected Friday from cruise ship off California

1121d ago / 6:00 AM UTC

Semester at Sea to cut voyage short

1121d ago / 5:45 AM UTC

Two presumptive cases of COVID-19 in Colorado

1121d ago / 5:18 AM UTC

Houston reports first presumptive COVID-19 case

1121d ago / 4:50 AM UTC

Pence says administration making 'steady progress' on testing

1121d ago / 3:59 AM UTC

Harris County, Texas, reports third presumptive COVID-19 case

1121d ago / 3:40 AM UTC
1121d ago / 3:13 AM UTC

Royal Caribbean to bar some passengers with recent travel history

1121d ago / 2:41 AM UTC

Tests flown in by helicopter to cruise ship idling off California coast

1121d ago / 2:32 AM UTC

South Korea reports 518 more cases, 7 more deaths


1121d ago / 1:30 AM UTC

Costco got a big boost in sales from shoppers preparing for the coronavirus

1121d ago / 1:26 AM UTC

Alberta, Canada, has first presumptive COVID-19 case

1121d ago / 1:13 AM UTC

Man dies in Sunnyvale, California; may have been exposed to COVID-19

1121d ago / 1:08 AM UTC

States crack down on scammers, price gouging

1121d ago / 12:54 AM UTC
1121d ago / 12:36 AM UTC
1121d ago / 12:34 AM UTC
1121d ago / 12:27 AM UTC

Maryland confirms first 3 cases of coronavirus

1121d ago / 12:23 AM UTC
1121d ago / 12:15 AM UTC

Colleges to students returning from study abroad: Stay off campus

1121d ago / 11:58 PM UTC

NBCUniversal latest company to pull out of SXSW

1121d ago / 11:48 PM UTC

'Our child's life depends on it': A mother pleads against stockpiling

1121d ago / 11:09 PM UTC

Colorado announces first presumptive case of coronavirus

1121d ago / 10:30 PM UTC

A family visit in Washington state

1121d ago / 9:05 PM UTC

Dow continues to slide amid coronavirus fears, closes down more than 950 points

1122d ago / 8:55 PM UTC

11th Washington patient dies, bringing U.S. total to 12

1122d ago / 8:44 PM UTC
1122d ago / 8:42 PM UTC

Islam's holiest site, empty

, and

1122d ago / 8:16 PM UTC

Study: China’s early intervention prevented an exponentially bigger outbreak

1122d ago / 8:06 PM UTC

Los Angeles County reports 4 more cases

1122d ago / 7:59 PM UTC

The scene in Bangkok

1122d ago / 7:27 PM UTC

Inside a coronavirus quarantine

1122d ago / 7:20 PM UTC

31 new cases in Washington state

1122d ago / 6:51 PM UTC

Pelosi ensures Capitol employees will have tech to work remotely in case of outbreak


1122d ago / 6:45 PM UTC

Londoners wear elaborate face masks

1122d ago / 6:43 PM UTC

16 confirmed cases in Lebanon, Red Cross reports

1122d ago / 6:25 PM UTC

Dow dives more than 1,000 points amid outbreak fears

1122d ago / 6:25 PM UTC

Thinking about using vodka as hand sanitizer? Tito's would like to have a word

1122d ago / 6:21 PM UTC

Cuomo: New York coronavirus cases rise to 22, will continue to go up

1122d ago / 6:19 PM UTC

WHO: 'Encouraging signs' from South Korea

1122d ago / 6:18 PM UTC

NY attorney general cracks down on price gouging

1122d ago / 5:59 PM UTC

New cases in Nevada and Illinois

1122d ago / 5:55 PM UTC

U.K. announces first coronavirus death

1122d ago / 5:48 PM UTC

Cuomo: 22 confirmed cases in New York

1122d ago / 5:41 PM UTC
1122d ago / 5:27 PM UTC

Tennessee confirms first case of coronavirus

1122d ago / 5:21 PM UTC

Amid growing coronavirus cases, another number increasing: recoveries

1122d ago / 4:39 PM UTC

Walmart restricts employee travel, cancels Dallas conference

1122d ago / 4:08 PM UTC

FCC bans 'non-critical' travel; closes buildings to anyone who visited infected countries recently

1122d ago / 4:02 PM UTC

U.K. confirms 115 new cases as bank sends staff home

, and

1122d ago / 3:56 PM UTC

Greece confirms 21 more cases, shuts schools and bans public meetings


1122d ago / 3:51 PM UTC
1122d ago / 3:43 PM UTC

100 new cases in France, first death in Switzerland