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States react to Trump's plan to reopen U.S. while some hear a call to arms

Here are the latest coronavirus updates from around the world.
Medical workers are seen as they take swab samples from people to be tested for the COVID-19 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China's central Hubei province on April 16, 2020.Hector Retamal / AFP - Getty Images

A number of governors said that while they would take President Donald Trump's new guidelines to reopen state economies under consideration, they were wary of moving too fast in the face of unresolved issues like testing shortages.

But some Americans are calling for a quick return to business as normal and marched on state capitols Friday to make their voices heard. Meanwhile, extremists have interpreted Trump's recent tweets to "LIBERATE" certain states as a call to arms.

Here's what to know about the coronavirus, plus a timeline of the most critical moments:

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1070d ago / 7:28 PM UTC

In some rural states with no lockdown orders, cases on the rise

1070d ago / 7:17 PM UTC

30 residents dead at Massachusetts nursing home

1070d ago / 7:10 PM UTC

Lone passenger on U.S. flight gets VIP treatment: 'Welcome aboard, Bob'

1070d ago / 6:47 PM UTC
1070d ago / 6:13 PM UTC

Members of Congress consider rule changes, proxy voting due to coronavirus


1070d ago / 5:58 PM UTC

Trump and Gov. Cuomo clash over coronavirus response after president tells him to stop 'complaining'

1070d ago / 5:53 PM UTC

'On the front line' with no tests: To reopen country, primary care doctors need testing access

1070d ago / 5:44 PM UTC

Gun salutes for Queen Elizabeth II's birthday cancelled

1070d ago / 5:37 PM UTC

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 canceled, returns July 2021

1070d ago / 5:04 PM UTC

Iowa schools will remain closed for rest of academic year

1070d ago / 4:28 PM UTC

4 Georgia poultry workers dead from coronavirus, company says

1070d ago / 3:51 PM UTC
1070d ago / 3:42 PM UTC

'Clap for our Carers' in UK prompts backlash over lack of social distancing

, and

1070d ago / 3:31 PM UTC

How coronavirus could change wedding culture

1070d ago / 3:24 PM UTC

Photos: Wild boars patrol Israeli city

1070d ago / 3:13 PM UTC
1070d ago / 2:46 PM UTC

Von Miller says he was 'shocked' to learn he tested positive

1070d ago / 2:37 PM UTC

NYC mayor says hotel rooms will be available to help residents isolate, events canceled through May

1070d ago / 2:17 PM UTC

Puerto Rico mayors work to fight coronavirus with few tests available

1070d ago / 2:03 PM UTC

Azar announces new effort to streamline COVID-19 research

1070d ago / 1:26 PM UTC

An owner of N.J. nursing home where bodies found was once VP of troubled nursing home chain

1070d ago / 1:19 PM UTC

Prince Harry and Meghan deliver food to L.A. residents impacted by outbreak

1070d ago / 1:18 PM UTC

Photo: 30 Rock honors the men and women on the front line

1070d ago / 1:15 PM UTC

Coronavirus could cripple voting in November. But it depends where you live.

1070d ago / 1:05 PM UTC

Sign of the times, cont'd

1070d ago / 1:04 PM UTC

Seattle eyes reopening economy

1070d ago / 12:50 PM UTC

Michigan gov. says she hopes to have 'some relaxing' of stay-at-home order by May 1

1070d ago / 12:30 PM UTC
1070d ago / 12:23 PM UTC

Norway releases prisoners to prevent spread of coronavirus in prisons


1070d ago / 12:23 PM UTC

CDC chief warns 'it's important not to let up at all' as parts of U.S. seek to reopen

1070d ago / 11:56 AM UTC

Africa could see 300,000 coronavirus deaths this year

1070d ago / 11:51 AM UTC
1070d ago / 11:37 AM UTC

Serbia under full lockdown for Orthodox Easter weekend

1070d ago / 11:11 AM UTC
1070d ago / 11:10 AM UTC

Pandemic 'potentially catastrophic' for millions of children, UN says

1070d ago / 11:01 AM UTC
1070d ago / 10:58 AM UTC

Coronavirus in a psychiatric hospital: 'It's the worst of all worlds'

1070d ago / 10:32 AM UTC

Lions nap in the road during South Africa lockdown

1070d ago / 10:18 AM UTC

The pandemic in pictures: 29 images from around the world

1070d ago / 10:07 AM UTC

German foreign minister: Trump's WHO funding cut like 'throwing a pilot out of the aircraft'

1070d ago / 9:50 AM UTC
1070d ago / 9:25 AM UTC

London Mayor calls on U.K. to change advice on face masks

1070d ago / 9:11 AM UTC
1070d ago / 9:06 AM UTC

Coronavirus testing must double or triple before U.S. can safely reopen, experts say

1070d ago / 8:57 AM UTC
1070d ago / 8:48 AM UTC

South Korea joins international effort to develop vaccine

1070d ago / 8:37 AM UTC

Outbreak hits China's economy harder than anything since 1970s

1070d ago / 6:47 AM UTC
1070d ago / 6:29 AM UTC

Wuhan, where COVID-19 epidemic began, raises death toll by 1,290

1070d ago / 4:43 AM UTC
1070d ago / 4:23 AM UTC

Philippine president threatens martial law-style lockdown enforcement

1070d ago / 3:38 AM UTC

CEOs on Trump's council say they weren't aware of plan to reopen economy