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New York mayor declares city 'epicenter'

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Image: An Indonesian police officer sprays disinfectant in the Baiturrahman grand mosque, amid concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus, in Banda Aceh
An Indonesian police officer sprays disinfectant in the Baiturrahman grand mosque, amid concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus, in Banda Aceh on March 20, 2020.Chaideer Mahyuddin / AFP - Getty Images

Wall Street took another dive Friday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average sunk by 916 points and saw 18 percent of its value disappear over the course of the week.

The Dow saw all the gains made since President Donald Trump took office erased.

Also in New York City, the suspended presidential campaign of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg told staffers Friday there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 at its Times Square headquarters, a campaign official confirmed to NBC News.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday evening the city has 5,151 coronavirus cases and 29 deaths associated with the virus. "We are now the epicenter of this crisis" in the United States, he said.

In California the number of cases, more than 1,000, has doubled in three days. Los Angeles County, the nation's most populous, reported it now has a total of 292 cases.

There are now more than 250,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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1101d ago / 10:24 PM UTC

Army Corps of Engineers scouting NYC buildings for hospital use

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New York mayor says city is 'epicenter' of U.S. crisis

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Rikers Island inmate details coronavirus fears

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FDA is working on treatment with blood from recovered patients

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Confirmed coronavirus case at Bloomberg campaign HQ

, and

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National sports groups call for postponement of Olympics

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Illinois issues stay-at-home order for residents

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States push price-gouging measures as coronavirus fuels consumer fears

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Biden trashes Trump over coronavirus response: 'Step up and do your job, Mr. President'

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Dow closes down 900 points after New York and California curb economic activity

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Production of Tom Hanks film halted

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Photo: Spanish hospital staff demand more equipment

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D.C. mayor extends schools closures, ban on mass gatherings

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Archdiocese of Chicago churches ring bells calling for prayers

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California cases double in three days to over 1,000

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Two people with ties to Pentagon test positive

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Afternoon roundup of coronavirus coverage

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Open? Closed? Florida officials settle on variety of decisions on beaches

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Trump campaign job listing asks students 'Are you looking to make the most of your quarantine?'

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Death toll in Italy hits grim milestone


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Washington state preps for possible rationing of care and ventilators for coronavirus patients

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Sanders turns his campaign to coronavirus relief


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U.K. prime minister says restaurants and bars must temporarily close

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Coast Guard cadet tests positive for coronavirus

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Photo: Social distancing at London mosque

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'You're a terrible reporter': Trump berates NBC News reporter over coronavirus question

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Trump to suspend federal student loan payments for borrowers who want it

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U.S. closes border with Mexico to all 'nonessential' travel

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Education Secretary allows states to cancel standardized tests

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Navajo Nation's coronavirus cases rise to 14

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Astronomy observatories will halt science operations

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Indiana moves primary election to June 2

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Stuck at home, many Americans turn to video games

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J.K. Rowling says 'Harry Potter' books can be read in online videos

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Job losses could quickly soar into the millions as coronavirus craters U.S. economy

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Cuomo orders new restrictions in New York state: Nonessential businesses must cease


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Photo: Early morning shopping for seniors

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What's the new deadline for filing U.S. taxes?

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NYC Mayor de Blasio: City to run out of medical supplies in 2-3 weeks

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Tulips from Amsterdam? Not in an outbreak

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Wall Street jumps briefly as investors hedge a nervous return to optimism

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NBC News employee dies after testing positive for coronavirus

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Morning roundup of coronavirus coverage

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What it's like to be a college senior in the middle of a pandemic

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NY, NJ, CT, PA govs order closure of barbershops, nail and hair salons

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Britain's changing of the guard to be postponed

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Communities rally around one another — and Google Docs — to bring coronavirus aid

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Death toll in Spain climbs above 1,000

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First British arrest for failure to self-isolate on the Isle of Man

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Fauci: Americans will likely need to stay home for at least several weeks

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China urges U.S. to ‘stop slandering’ and ‘play a constructive role’

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Coronavirus is a 'personal nightmare' for people with OCD and anxiety disorders

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Pittsburgh mayor announces self-quarantine

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Greta Thunberg strikes for the climate online

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Delayed by sanctions, first medical aid trickles into North Korea

1102d ago / 10:19 AM UTC

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Colorado National Guard pitches in at drive-up testing station

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Uncertainty bites as London pubs, restaurants consider shutting

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Animated map shows drop in emissions over China

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Wembley Stadium in London lights up to thank health workers

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No new domestic cases in China for second day in row


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When should someone get tested for coronavirus?

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Invictus Games postpones, looks ahead to 2021

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Olympic flame lands in Japan as doubts grow over Tokyo games